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May 2nd, 2017

Posted by james

Hello beautiful earth humans. My name is James, you may remember me from such classic LoadingReadyRun videos like Bagel Time or The Secret Life of Toast. I’m here today as your brand new blog overlord. Going forward I’ll join you every week with the latest and greatest links to our YouTube videos, along with the upcoming weeks stream schedule (starting next week) and any other news that will be relevant to your interests, providing it has something to do with us.

Now, let’s get to why we’re here. VIDEOS!

Let’s start off strong this week and mark the return of Friday Nights with more exclamation marks than are needed!! (I used two when one would have sufficed) In this episode Kathleen is on the hunt for a game of Commander, while James looks to prep for Draft Weekend.

As if the Return of Friday Nights wasn’t enough, this week saw Feed Dump reach the 300th episode milestone. Kathleen celebrated by inviting the entire office thinking no more than three of us would show up. We sure proved her wrong.

Mail Time returned this past week and the quest to drown us in hats and candy continues at an ever forward pace. Related, my tummy hurts.

Running Start continues with episode 6. Graham and Paul check out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

And of course no week would be complete without two Crapshots.

Episode 439 – The Screen was filmed during our weekly stream The Crapshoot, where we write, film and edit an entire Crapshot live with our Twitch audience. Join us every Friday at at 1:00PM Pacific for the fun.

And that just about does it. I have a feeling this job will be a nice reminder to myself of just how much stuff we make every week… spoilers, it’s a bunch. Enjo the 18th week of 2017 and I’ll see you next time with more videos and a run down of what you’ll see on the upcoming week of streams!

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