Only 153 Days Until Chirstmas!
July 25th, 2017

Posted by james

Greetings all and welcome to this, the weekly LoadingReadyRun Blog update post, and what a week it has been. As usual I’ve got a bunch of great videos to share with you but let’s get things started off with the big news from the week. WE’RE MOVING! Watch this and then join me below the embedded video.

Hi. So yah, this is a thing that is really happening. I don’t think I have anything to add that Graham didn’t cover in that video with the exception of two things.

  1. Holy hell! You’re reaction and unbelievable generosity thus far will go a LONG way to making this transition as painless as possible for us. Thank you so, so much.
  2. We’re going to leave the fundraiser open until August 5th. Feel free to head to our donation page to help with the move.

Now, let’s get to the videos from this past week.

First up it’s the latest episode of LoadingReadyLIVE! For anyone who doesn’t know, LRL is our twice monthly comedic variety show we live stream on Twitch TV [Click here to go directly to our Twitch Channel]

This week on Feed Dump, we cross a line. Several lines really. Also stories about people who can’t dance, can’t keep their cool, and can’t find their contact lenses.

Next up we have the Summer Episode of AnoAni, our quarterly recap Anime podcast with Cori, Ian, Heather and Beej.

And finally our double dose of The Crapshot.

And that will do it. Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week and we’ll see you next Tuesday where the part of James the Blog updater will be played by 4 ducks in a trench coat. Can you tell the difference? Come back to find out.

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