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Game Ideas

Postby AdmiralMemo » 09 Mar 2017, 20:03

Since I couldn't find a thread related to this, I thought I'd start one: Game development ideas. Do you have an idea for a game but not the skills to make it? Would you like to see whether other people would be interested in playing the game that you thought of, which could help determine whether you should seek out game devs to possibly make/help make the game? Would you like to find out whether your game idea has already been made and you just failed to find it? Post it here!

To start off... Would you play a game where the protagonist is Krombopulos Michael from Rick & Morty? (Strawpoll)
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Genghis Ares
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Re: Game Ideas

Postby Genghis Ares » 09 Mar 2017, 23:44

I've got a Google Doc with 27 different game ideas in various stages of realization.
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Re: Game Ideas

Postby Merrymaker_Mortalis » 25 Jan 2018, 06:05

Here's a country I designed for a setting.

It sits in a sea ringed by mountains. The peaks are always covered in cloud. The mountains are impervious to damage. Those with the eagerness to explore beyond return in failure, if they return at all.
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Re: Game Ideas

Postby Aeralis » 28 Jan 2018, 13:37

I've got a notebook around here somewhere from when I had a sudden and intense desire to make something in RPG Maker. It was going to be a two-game creation myth series where the first game was you playing as the embodiments of the elements to create the world and the second would have been you playing as the embodiments of the stars to populate the world. It never really ended up going anywhere but I still play around with the ideas from time to time.
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Re: Game Ideas

Postby SixFootTurkey » 14 Feb 2018, 20:19

I'm purely amateur, and have been meaning to learn to actual do the creation part of it, but I have various spreadsheets and notebooks around, as well as a bunch of mental notes. More recently I've been contemplating ideas on how to take a pretty standard 'boring' template and add diversity through theme.
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Re: Game Ideas

Postby rhona » 14 Apr 2018, 11:56

Yes, I assume everyone has thought of making one at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary skills in all aspects and the only thing I am actually good at is making the story and a little bit of art... LOL.

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