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Postby Tim_McM » 13 Mar 2017, 23:33

Greetings lords of the tabletop,

I've been slowly working on a fantasy tabletop RPG for several years and am now in need of some serious playtesting and feedback.

So I'm going to put links to the Rule Book and World Guide and an excel version of the character sheet here and hope that some of you are looking to start a new game soon and will try it out?

Even if you're not looking to start playing I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts people have just from reading through to see how it works, maybe try making some characters, I'll take anything.

All feedback good or bad is welcome (except for negative art comments I'm fully aware of the issues with the art)

If you start playing let me know so I can keep you informed of when changes get made.

(It should be noted that an app for character creation is in early stage development so eventually it should be possible to create a character without any access to the rulebook)

Rulebook: ... k.pdf?dl=0
Worldguide: ... e.pdf?dl=0
Character Sheet: ... .xlsx?dl=0
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