AnoAni - Winter 2017

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AnoAni - Winter 2017

Postby Graham » 18 Jan 2017, 22:46

The Weeb-team featuring Beej, Heather, Ian and Cori round up their anime picks from the Summer season and outline what they're looking forward to in Winter of 2017.
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Re: AnoAni - Winter 2017

Postby Tapir12 » 22 Jan 2017, 12:06

No comments? Let's fix that!

My brief thoughts on Fall 2016:

Yuri on Ice
- This was really great. But as you mentioned, it wasn't just that the show itself was awesome, it was also the buzz and how far it spread. I'm not sure if you saw but there was an article on the CBC website about what Canadian figure skater would look like as anime characters, inspired by Yuri on Ice. Some of the side characters didn't get as much focus as I would have liked, but the relationship between Victor and Yuri was really engaging (;)) and it did a pretty good job of balancing both a personal drama and a sports anime in a one-cour season.

Sangatsu no Lion
- The visuals are a little over done, but this does a great job of capturing feelings depression and lack of direction in life. Rei's love-hate relationship with Shogi is really fascinating and the light the sisters bring into his life is really great. The second half promises to continue.

Fune wo Amu - I enjoyed this as lot. It felt like a live action drama and it was very refreshing. I don't think I liked it quite as much as you, but certainly worth checking out.

Haikyuu!!3 - More Haikyuu!! is always a good thing and the third season was a lot of fun. It was intense and exciting, with a whole new opponent to get to know and stellar animation as usual. I will never get tired of this show. I miss it already.

My pick for 2016 was Rakugo Shinju, though a few of my colleagues picked ERASED as well.
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