January 13, 2013

LRRcast for 2013-01-12

The LoadingReadyRun podcast returns! After its longest hiatus, the LRRcast is back and better than ever.

October 12, 2015

Fight the Future 15 - Battle Royale

Who was in your class in grade 10? If you were all stuck on an island with automatic weapons and[…]


October 11, 2015

Qwerpline Ep04 - Harvest Festival

It's autumn, and time for the annual nsburg Harvest Festival! Derek is on location, and Richter is[…]


October 07, 2015

Magnum Rewatch 27 - The Sixth Position

Magnum is hired to act as a bodyguard to a testy ballerina. Graham and Kathleen have some script[…]


October 05, 2015

TTC - Community Cup 2015

This week on TapTapConcede join Graham, Ian and Cameron as they discuss all things Community Cup![…]


October 03, 2015

LRRcast - AskLRR Part 3

James, Paul and Alex answer your questions on this weeks LRRcast. Support this show (and other[…]


September 29, 2015

Magnum Rewatch 26 - The Taking of Dick McWilliams

Magnum investigates the mysterious kidnapping of an old friend, meanwhile Kathleen and Graham[…]

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