January 13, 2013

LRRcast for 2013-01-12

The LoadingReadyRun podcast returns! After its longest hiatus, the LRRcast is back and better than ever.

April 19, 2014

TTC - Journey Into Nyx Impressions

Recorded before the full set was released, some early impressions of JOU spoilers.


April 11, 2014

TTC - The Cubelet

We crack a pack, look at cards you've designed, and Alex tells us about his new way to play Magic.


April 09, 2014

TTC - So You've NEVER Drafted Before

We had a bunch of requests for a complete noob's guide to drafting, so here it is!


April 01, 2014

LRRcast for 2014-03-28

Join Graham, James, Kathleen and Paul as they take your questions and craft glorious answer for[…]


March 27, 2014

LRRcast for 2014-03-14

Presented in glorious Dial-Up Quality?, the crew answers your questions!


March 27, 2014

TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft

James, Graham and Kathleen crack a pack and talk BTT draft.

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