January 13, 2013

LRRcast for 2013-01-12

The LoadingReadyRun podcast returns! After its longest hiatus, the LRRcast is back and better than ever.

April 25, 2017

Qwerpline Ep24 - Poet Laureate

Derek interviews tabletop game creator Klaus D'Abrucio, Richter has strong opinions, and Edith[…]


April 22, 2017

TTC 170 - Inspirational Origins of Aether Revolt

As a follow up to the Kaladesh episode, this TTC Graham is joined by Shivam Bhatt as he discusses[…]


April 16, 2017

AnoAni – Spring 2017

The Weeb-team featuring Beej, Heather, Ian and Cori round up their anime picks from the[…]


April 13, 2017

TTC 169 - Amonkhet Preview Part 2

Graham, Kathleen, Alex and Cameron are here this week to discuss all things Amonkhet. We're full[…]


April 11, 2017

sWs Ep25 - Wrestlemania 2017

It's the big one! The Ultimate Thrill Ride™! Graham & Adam talk through Wrestlemania 2017!


April 07, 2017

TTC 168 - Amonkhet Preview

Kathleen, Cameron and Alex dive into the world of Amonkhet taking a look at some early spoilers[…]

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