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Oct 14, 2013


New Freedom, with an all new flavour and none of the aspartame aftertaste of Classic Freedom!


Oct 07, 2013

Lost Planet 3

Join Graham and Paul as they find Nicolas Cage stranded on an island covered in cliche.


Sep 30, 2013

Remember Me, Part 2

You may have forgotten but remember to check out part two of Remember Me.


Sep 23, 2013

Remember Me, Part 1

Wait, what was I talking about?


Sep 16, 2013


Paul and Graham get dark for this very special episode dedicated to those Vampires that we hold dear.


Sep 09, 2013

God of War: Ascension

Kratos once again finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation.


Sep 02, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 2

Join Graham and Paul as they try to understand the reasoning behind this game.


Aug 26, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

E3 would definitely be more entertaining if it was like this game.


Aug 19, 2013

Dead Space 3

Boundless energy, or not turning into a horrible monster?


Aug 12, 2013

Metro: Last Light, Part Two

Graham and Paul go further down the rabbit hole that is the Moscow metro.


Aug 05, 2013

Atelier Ayesha

Graham and Paul take us on a long and unnecessarily winding road.


Jul 29, 2013

Metro: Last Light, Part One

Graham and Paul travel to the not so distant future to give us a good look at the Russian subway system.


Jul 22, 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Sometimes security isn't really all that secure.


Jul 15, 2013

Resident Evil Revelations

Graham and Paul take us into the zombie infected future of 2005.


Jul 08, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Graham and Paul take us through a decimated Metropolis, and a decimated storyline.


Jul 01, 2013

Dead Island Riptide

This week we catch up with the few people that just can't get away from the zombie outbreak no matter where[…]


Jun 24, 2013

BioShock Infinite

Graham and Paul take you on a relaxing trip to Columbia.


Jun 17, 2013

E3 2013 Trailers

Graham and Paul give us the a brief tour of what was shown at this E3.


Jun 10, 2013

Spec Ops: The Line

Graham and Paul take us through the sandy desert in order to bring us to Spec Ops: The Line.


Jun 03, 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines

This week we learn how to avoid danger by ignoring distress calls.


May 27, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Paul and Graham take you into the game that takes you so deep into a flashback you won't know where, or[…]


May 20, 2013

Crysis 3

Paul and Graham become entangled in a Crysis ... 3.


May 13, 2013

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Why do they wear those highly reflective and noticeable masks again?


May 06, 2013

Resident Evil 6

Graham and Paul do their best to make it through the daunting opening of Resident Evil 6.


Apr 29, 2013

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Graham and Paul take you back into the into the cartoon world of Oswald, the lucky rabbit. Joy.


Apr 22, 2013

DmC: Devil May Cry

Graham and Paul follow Dante as he makes a bad decision or two.


Apr 15, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man, Part Two

Graham and Paul watch helplessly as Peter Parker goes where he shouldn't go. Read more at[…]


Apr 08, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man, Part One

Graham and Paul take you through the hallowed halls of Ocsorp.


Apr 01, 2013

Yakuza: Dead Souls

That's right, this game's about zombies and organized crime. In Japan!


Mar 25, 2013

Hitman Absolution

Agent 47's super secret assassination organization must work with some sort of super secret stamp[…]


Mar 18, 2013

Halo 4

Before you ask, no, we still don't get to see what Master Chief looks like under the helmet.


Mar 11, 2013

Assassin's Creed 3

Apparently the Animus makes you immune to helping out.


Mar 04, 2013

Tales of Graces F - Part Two

Finally we get to see the origin story of Master Blaster.


Feb 25, 2013

Tales of Graces F - Part One

Two friends are out adventuring when suddenly ... ANIME!


Feb 18, 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Paul and Graham give you a great view of the alien invasion.


Feb 11, 2013

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 seems like Outward Bound with some serious consequences.


Feb 04, 2013

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

Orphen may or may not be an actual orphan.


Jan 28, 2013

Borderlands 2

Join Graham and Paul as they learn about vaults and the people who hunt them.


Jan 21, 2013

Sleeping Dogs

Join Graham and Paul as they try and find out just how easy it is to get into into organized crime.


Jan 14, 2013

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Join Graham and Paul as they're dropped into the middle of an epic battle.

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