December 31, 1969

Jun 27, 2017

Crapshots Ep456 - The Human 2.0

We think this new version will bring the upgrade everyone has been waiting for.


Jun 26, 2017

CheckPoint 274 - CLASSIC Nintendo

Stories on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Mario+Rabbids, SNES Classic, Metroid Prime, and Prey.


Jun 25, 2017

LoadingReady LIVE Ep25 - Filling in for Satan

Broadcast 2017-06-24 This episode... Gibb's Tweets, Beej Eats the Whole Shame, On the Scene, and[…]


Jun 24, 2017

Feed Dump 308 - Dispatches from Hell

This week on Feed Dump, chaos reigns in Santa Monica, an elderly couple are stupid, and we tackle[…]


Jun 23, 2017

Crapshots Ep455 - The Fruit

Try this one neat trick!


Jun 23, 2017

Art of Amonkhet [Sponsored]

A closer look at some of the art and lore of the Magic plane of Amonkhet, brought to you by Viz[…]

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