December 31, 1969

Nov 01, 2014

CheckPoint 169 - SimCity Mobile Except Not

EA really doesn't want you to think less of their new mobile SimCity. Stories on a PSN update, an[…]


Nov 01, 2014

Crapshots Ep190 - The Mascot

At least her hearts in the right place. Kinda.


Oct 29, 2014

Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

The saddest dog, the scariest spider, the dumbest classroom.


Oct 28, 2014

Crapshots Ep189 - The Magician 3

We need to maybe learn some real magic.


Oct 27, 2014

Free Candy

It's Halloween at the Moonbase, and we're all rubbish.


Oct 27, 2014

One Piece: Unlimited World Red

Apparently, we know MUCH less about this show than we thought we did.

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