December 31, 1969

Jul 31, 2014

Loading Time - Whole Story Football

When we keep forgetting critical gear, we have to amuse ourselves. This isn't so much about[…]


Jul 31, 2014

Crapshots Ep163 - The Land

Well it sure as hell belongs to SOMEONE, right?


Jul 30, 2014

Hewlett Packard's Penis App

Yep. The people who can't make a printer that can talk to your computer right have an app that can[…]


Jul 28, 2014

Social Anxiety Fear Factor

It's the most vigorous contest of our age.


Jul 28, 2014

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Man, whatever drugs this kid is on, I'd like to try some.


Jul 25, 2014

Loading Time - Design by Committee

Behind the scenes of Design by Committee, where bought many toasters.

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