We all craft in our own way.

"0 to Comedy in 60 seconds" The Crapshots are bizarre sub-minute shorts from the minds of the LRR crew. This is where we keep all the little ideas that can't be allowed to live on their own. Crapshots are for your own protection.

May 19, 2017

Crapshots Ep445 - The Narration

Stick around, you might learn something.


May 17, 2017

Crapshots Ep444 - The Commandeer

Sir, I assure you this is important.


May 12, 2017

Crapshots Ep443 - The Gaslight

Well, I certainly have no memory of you watching this video.


May 09, 2017

Crapshots Ep442 - The Sheets

Sheets about to get real.


May 02, 2017

Crapshots Ep440 - The Metal

The ongoing struggle for metal bands.


Apr 28, 2017

Crapshots Ep439 - The Screen

If you have friends, you need this. End of story.

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