December 31, 1969

Jul 02, 2015

Crapshots Ep257 - The Firewall [Krog]

Krog take net access seriously. Support Crapshots (and other things!):[…]


Jul 01, 2015

Feed Dump 211 - Did a Poo

What should you do if you have a samurai sword, a sausage and a bunch of beer?


Jul 01, 2015

Exclusive Magic Origins Spoiler Card

Everyone, meet our wonderful Magic Origins Durdlebot!


Jun 30, 2015

Crapshots Ep256 - The Talk 3

Sweet talks worth sharing. Support Crapshots (and other things!):


Jun 29, 2015

CheckPoint 194 - Destiny's Rough Week

Stories on Destiny, Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Apple and the Confederate Flag, and League of[…]


Jun 26, 2015

Friday Nights: Archfrenemies

Paul tries to crack Magic Origins ahead of the Pro Tour and Ladies' Night is overtaken by a pair[…]

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