PAX Day Zero
August 29th, 2008

Posted by Tim

Hey everyone!

This is Tim, reporting from the hotel room I’m sharing with Graham, Paul, Morgan, Matt, and tank_girl. Everyone else is asleep, but my internal clock doesn’t let me sleep past 7:30 these days, and I’ve never been very good at getting back to sleep once I’m awake.

The hotel was having issues with its internet last night, so I figured I’d fire up my laptop and see if they had resolved the problem yet. Seems like they have, so here’s an update on what we’re up to and what you can expect from LRR during PAX.

Yesterday (Thursday) we cruised on over to Seattle via the Clipper ferry. We arrived around 2:30, took a taxi to the hotel, and loaded our stuff into our rooms before heading out to enjoy the city. To get an idea of what we did while we were there, you’ll have to watch the special-edition version of Loading Time: PAX Day Zero, which will hopefully be up and viewable by later this morning or this afternoon (pending the Revver process).

(Ok, Paul’s awake now and set me up with access to the blog so I could post this.)

The other important piece of news you should pay attention to is this forum post by Graham:

After running into a local fan we could ask, we’re going to aim for The Hurricane Cafe located at 7th and Bell.

Apparently the hours, food, pricing and atmosphere fit our needs nicely.
And if it sucks there’s another (slightly more expensive) option nearby, where this local LRR fan works.

How’s that sound to everyone?

Hopefully everyone can make it there! We’ll see you then, and we’ll have more news from PAX as it happens, internet-willing.

Preview – Aug 25, 2008
August 24th, 2008

Posted by Graham

Alright, I freely admit it: This is the worst preview pic we’ve had in months.

Sadly, all the actual pix are on James’ computer at home, and he’s out of town. So you get this.

Next week’s should be more revealing.

(though, you know… I bet someone could still guess it…)

15 Seconds of Fame: August 23, 2008
August 24th, 2008

Posted by Jeremy

Oscar Wilde once said that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

If you want to be talked about on the LoadingReadyRun podcast, record an answer to the following question and email it to James by 23:59 on Friday August 29 (subject: 15 SECONDS OF FAME). We will pick the best one, play it on the podcast, and comment on it, potentially giving you 15 seconds of fame.

This week’s question:
Describe a third planet-sized transformer, including a name physical description, affiliation, weapons, etc., and explain how he or she would pwn Optimus Prime. Descriptions over 15 seconds will be disqualified.

Transform and roll out!

Email responses to James.

LRR.Community Update: August 22, 2008
August 23rd, 2008

Posted by Jeremy

It’s been a bit of a slow week here in LRRland, after the chaos that was last week. Beyond just my birthday, we did a lot of running around and shooting in order to facilitate our new meeting and shooting schedule, and this week presented the fruits of that labour. Our new schedule means that you can expect a better, faster and stronger LRR going forward — one that is better able to plan ahead to produce high-quality phail. It also means way less stress for us throughout the week, which is AWESOME.

1Up Ours

As Frost points out, Nick Suttner (a fellow Canadian) mentioned our Geometry Wars Developer Spotlight on 1Up Yours last week . . . though he was (shockingly) unaware of its source. While I probably don’t need to link the biggest gaming podcast out there, but I figure there could be karma in it. . . and I don’t have any swamps :).

Fun fact: The second-to-last line of Song of the Fanboy was at one point “I need you like the 1Up Show”, accompanying several other lyrical missteps that were eventually remedied.

1Up Yours, August 15

Bait and Switch

Our new LRR schedule (of doom) has somewhat thrown off our podcasting routine. Up to now, we have recorded podcasts on Monday and put them up midweek; however going forward, we will be recording them on Saturday. The downside of this is we’ve had to move our update time from Thursday to Saturday — the absolute earliest James can get them up, sans time helmet. The upside is that we will be better able to respond to your feedback regarding the videos instead of simply assuming that you loved them. Plus you’ll have a whole week to get in those 15 seconds of fame entries that you are TOTALLY GOING TO DO.

Nothing Good Ever Came From MySpace . . . Or Dit It?

Be sure to tune in to this week’s LRR Community Profile, in which Tim interviews The Rocket Siobhan. I found this one very insightful, as this is the first example of anything good coming from MySpace trolling . . . especially MySpace trolling involving Morgan.  Incidentally, make sure to spam Morgan’s facebook, harass him over the phone, or at least drop him a PM via the forums on August 26, as we celebrate a quarter century of putting up with his crap.

LRR Community Profile 04: Rocket Siobhan

Just the PAX Ma’am

There has been more discussion regarding the PAX meetup since last week’s post, so I thought I’d give a quick heads up as to where things stand. In short, some sort of Saturday evening event is leading the polls, and since some of you are not of age, a resteraunt will likely be the best plan. As Graham is not coming, his love of Dick’s will not necessarily be a factor, but as others of you are into Dick’s as well, that’s not to say it’s out of the running.

James, Matt, Morgan and I will discuss the options again tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to announce something more concrete by bedtime.

And thats it! I’ll throw up a 15-seconds tomorrow night after the podcast goes up, and I’ll try to wrangle a preview pic as well, as soon as I figure out who has one.

In the meantime, Jer out.

Preview – Aug 18, 2008
August 17th, 2008

Posted by Graham

It’s not long before the video actually comes out, but we were just shooting it today.

Not a very revealing image, in terms of what happens in the video, but I’m sure you can guess a few things. Like, for example, it’s in my room.

What could it be?

What could it be?