A preview pic for a video that is not this week.
September 27th, 2008

Posted by james

Hey guys. Haven’t done a preview pic for a while. So here is picture that will give you almost no real insight to the video we are shooting today. And I will be getting some pictures up soon that I took during the spore video. Picture forth coming.

LRR Screening FanPick Videos!
September 24th, 2008

Posted by james

Hey Guys and Gals, As you may be aware we here at Loading Ready Run are holding a special event for our 5th anniversary this October. Part of that screening will be 3 Videos choosen by you the viewers. The quote below is taking straight from our forums located here.

If you are still watching our videos and reading our blog now is the perfect time to hop over to the forums and submit your suggestions for your 3 favorite videos. Even if you aren’t able to attend I would still encourage you to get over there and throw your 2 cents in. 


Hey everyone, 
As you may have heard, LRR will be screening three classic LoadingReadyRun videos at the 5th Anniversary LRR Screening in Victoria on October 18. It’s your job, as LRR fans, to pick which three classic videos will be shown! 

So here’s how things are going to work. There will be a nomination period, during which posters can submit their nominations. After nominations close, the top 10 nominated videos will be posted and voting will begin. When the voting period closes, the three videos with the most votes will have won and will be shown at the LRR 5 Year Screening. 

-Loading Time, Phailhaus, Man Cooking, Whatever Thing, and Iron Stomach Challenge videos are not eligible. 
-Ties will be broken by the LRR crew. 

-Each forum poster may post in this nomination thread once with their three nominations. Multiple posts in this thread will be deleted. 

-Each poster may post in the voting thread once with their two votes. Multiple posts in the voting thread will be deleted. 

September 23 to midnight PST, September 29 
-Nominations are open. 

October 1 to midnight PST, October 15 
-Voting is open. 

15 Seconds of Fame: Paul’s Prudent Personals
September 19th, 2008

Posted by Jeremy

On last week;s LRR-cast, we were asked if we’d be willing to go on a blind date with an LRR fan. Most of us expressed trepidation . . . except Paul, who seemed like he might be game . . . at some point . . . well in my mind.

This week’s question:

Compose an auditory personal ad that might convince Paul to go on a blind date with you – Describe your ideal evening, and explain what would make it extra special. Make it sexy, but tasteful. Do it in under 15 seconds before noon on Sept 20, lest you face rejection.

Go get’m tigers 🙂

Email responses to James.

A Special Treat?
September 19th, 2008

Posted by james

Hey guys, So I have been doing some computer cleaing over the last couple of days and came across this little gem. As anyone who owns the season 1 DVD might know there is a special feature with the “crew bios” penned by yours truly. I had no real reason for making these in the first place. They were not originally planned to go on the DVD by any means. But I think I showed one of them to Graham and he seemed to like them, so I just kept writing them. I am almost certain all of these were written between the hours of 2am-6am (when I use to actually stay up that late, I now manage the reasonable 1:30 am bed time) Anyways, enjoy!

Introduction by the “so called” Author”

So before you is the first batch of the cast bios for the crew here at Loading Ready Run. Not everybody that has ever been in a video is in the following bios but a good chunk of them are. A few things for you guys to know before you go on with reading them is. I am crazy, i mean anyone who can come up with this random crap has to have something seriously mentally wrong with them. Now given everyone of these bios where typed up with no planning on my part or help with anyone else, they were done souly in the wee hours of the morning mostly between 1am and 4am which is really when most of the ideas for this awsome site come from. Infact as i am typing this i am sitting at my desk at 2am playing super mario 3 on my gba and figureing out the last few bios for people. As you will read in Ashs bio the whole mario thing makes a lot more sense as i was playing it when i wrote it. So i hope you enjoy them. For everyone who is on the cast and is reading these for the first time which is pretty much everyone but Graham and Paul i hope you like what i wrote for you and if by some chance you are missing don’t worry. If enough people like these i will finish up with everyone else and stick them up on the site for all to see. -James-

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Every Day I’m Hustlin’ . . .
September 18th, 2008

Posted by Jeremy

Just a quick update and apology for not making my usual blog updates of late. For a while I was unemployed, which necessitated a huge amount of focus on finding a job. Now I have a temporary position at Elections Canada, which necessitates a full work week and a huge amount of focus on finding a job (for when this one is done). Look for this week’s 15-seconds of fame tonight, and a community update tomorrow.

We now return to your regularly scheduled bloginess . . .