LRR Christmas Special 2008 Behind the Scenes
December 30th, 2008

Posted by james

Another Christmas has come and passed and with it brought the 2008 LRR Christmas Special. We started seriously talking about this video on the ferry trip back from the Child’s Play Charity Dinner earlier this month. After a short brainstorming session we had an idea for a song that we wanted to write and preform. Obviously that didn’t happen, instead you were all graced with “War of Christmas” which was a creation totally from the brain of Graham. The origianl scripts ending was far different from what we ended up shooting but we all agreed this was the stronger ending.

We began shooting this video Friday night with most of the scene of the Army guys doing there thing and Nate and Kates Scenes with the Christmas Scene. Saturday was to be “get as many shots of people being attacked by orniments as possible” day. We met up at the usual time and me and Graham headed off to get the killer orniments. We ended up going to Zellers and picking up the wreath, the wrapping paper, the tree orniments, Santa Suit and the bows. Orginally instead of the iflattable Santa’s we were hoping for fairly standard Christmas lawn orniments. After being let down by the selection at Zellers we headed over to Home Depot and stumbled upon those Blow-up Santas for 15.00 bucks each. Me and Graham looked at each other and both agreed that 3 would be plenty. We headed back to the Orbiting Underground Moon Base to meet up with the other guys and we got shooting. We did the wrapping paper attack and bow attack at the Moon, the Santa Suit attack and the wreath attack was shot just outside the Moonbase. We headed to Matts parents house to shoot the Christmas orniment attack, and the inflatable Santa attack. Everything went pretty damn well, minus the fact that it was at the height of the cold snap we had here in Victoria.

Pictures will be up later today or tomorrow (not sure where the SD card with the picture went to)

Preview – December 29, 2008
December 27th, 2008

Posted by Graham

Ahhh, once again I take a sick joy in giving you all a preview picture that doesn’t help you at all in figuring out the video.


Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg

Preview – December 22, 2008
December 21st, 2008

Posted by Graham

Oh sure, this may look like it gives a lot away, but really this only gives away one small part of the video.

Also, we got a great deal on that suit.

Geeks with Oregon Trail
December 20th, 2008

Posted by Jeremy

Hey folks, just a quick note that the guys over at Geeks With Issues are doing a 24-hour run of Oregon Trail TODAY that seems . . . vaguely familiar. It’s called the Battle Against Dysentery, and while their game is obviously way more interesting than ours, I’m giving them major props for supporting the kids and testing their gaming marathon muscle. Also, we here at LRR are NOT fans of dysentery.

Check out their webcast, and toss a few dollars their way if you can! If you were late to the Desert Bus party and really wanted to be involved, this could be your chance to contribute! They may even name a wagoneer after you :).

WordPress 2.7!
December 15th, 2008

Posted by Paul

The LRR blog is now running on WordPress 2.7!

You guys probably won’t see any difference, but trust me, this is good. Look at how pretty the new admin interface is!