Coming Soon: Something Cool
March 31st, 2009

Posted by Jeremy

In a couple weeks, we try an experiment.

About two weeks from now, we’re going to shoot the pilot for a new show, which we will release sometime after that. Spinning off the discussions from the What We’re Playing Now section of the podcast, it’s going to be a gaming commentary sort of program featuring the crew of LRR, and possibly guests from elsewhere as well. Its focus will be on talking about games IN THEIR ENTIRITY, covering the important bits that are often skimmed over by the mainstream gaming press. We will embrace spoilers, ignore embargoes, and generally do whatever we can to help contextualize the games we play within a broader landscape. I don’t want to be CO-OP, and I don’t want to be Play Value, Game Damage or any other related product: I think we have a pretty unique vision in mind, and we’re all quite excited about it.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t tell you all this–things are still very shaky insofar as details are concerned; however, I feel we need your help to make this show a success. I’d like to have some commentary from viewers built into the format of the show, so if any of you would care to “play along” with us and share your own insightful comments about our topics of choice, I’d really appreciate it. I can’t promise to use all (or any) of what we receive, but the type of material that shows up could–at this point–effect the final product we create.

Once the pilot is in the bag, we will attempt to market it to various web TV portals and other interested licesencors. Their reactions and our experiences with the show’s creation will determine whether or not it receives subsequent episodes.

Do I have your interest? I hope so. Here’s the topic for our pilot:

“The Resident Evil series is now 13 years old and has seen a dramatic shift in play style over its last several iterations. Comparing RE CODE: Veronica–the last entry to adopt the series classic play style–and RE 5–which embraces some entirely different modes of play–how has Resident Evil changed as an experience.”

We are waiting two weeks before recording to give us time to play (or re-play) CODE: Veronica, so if you are interested in joining the discussion, please play along yourself. I found my copy for $10 at a local mall store, and it’s been reprinted over the years as part of a couple different bundles. RE 5 could be more expensive, but a one week rental is more than enough time to play through the whole thing.

I’ve prepared some questions to consider as food for thought, though you don’t need to talk about either of these topics. They are the sorts of things I’ve been mulling over:

* MOOD – Some commenters have remarked that RE5 is not scary, and makes no pretense to be, unlike previous REs, which reveled in their atmosphere. How does the MOOD in C:V compare to that of 5, and how does this specifically affect the player’s experience?

* STORY – While RE 4 appears to distance itself from the story of the series up to that point, 5 returns to this plot-line with a vengence. C:V and 5 both focus greatly on the activities of anti-hero Albert Wesker, and their stories are linked across (arguably) games of widely different genres. Compare how the two stories are told, adn meditate on how this changes the ways in which the player interacts with the narrative.

As a point of note, this is not a review show, and we are not interested in what’s better than what, and what’s doomed to fail, etc. We’re interested in ideas here–not so much opinions.

I’ll try to have a better place to send this stuff for the future, but until then, hit me up at [email protected] with your feedback. I’ll also be watching the forums, so post your input there as well.

Excited? I hope so. I certianly am.



Ninja Blade Comic – Chapter 3
March 25th, 2009

Posted by Paul

Ninja Blade Comic – Chapter Three:


Click to download pdf

Playing CO-OP WIth Area5
March 23rd, 2009

Posted by Jeremy

Many of you have noticed the appearance of an unfamiliar naked fellow in the middle of this week’s video. No, he’s not a relic of old footage from season one, nor is he Morgan and Bill’s new roommate. That is, in fact, Jay Frechette of, appearing in footage from their new show, CO-OP.

The folks at Area5 are more-or-less the old crew of the 1Up Show, who lost their jobs during’s transition from Ziff Davis to UGO. Instead of living the high life on the back of their severance cheques, these guys manned up and put together a new company, with CO-OP — a half-hour web TV series featuring commentary on the latest and greatest gaming has to offer — as its first major output.

I loved the 1Up Show, and am thrilled to see its spiritual successor in CO-OP. I’m also really happy that we could further extend a joke from the show’s fourth episode in this week’s LRR update.

At the time this week’s video was conceived, CO-OP still didn’t have an official home, though I’m happy to report that it has since been picked up by That said, as independent content producers like ourselves, Area5’s dinners now depend on views, so I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to check out their stuff. They’re our friends, and people who’s content I’ve enjoyed for years, so I’d like to welcome them warmly to the world of independent video :).


Ninja Blade Comic Chapter 2
March 19th, 2009

Posted by Paul

Ninja Blade Comic – Chapter Two:


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cH 06: Behind-the-Scenes
March 13th, 2009

Posted by Graham

I really don’t have much to say about the shooting of cH06 that I didn’t already say in my extensive contribution to this week’s LRRcast, so instead, enjoy some hot new behind-the-scenes photos.

I think James has some additional photos that he may or may not add to this gallery at some point.