Shooting of: The Worst Day Ever
April 17th, 2009

Posted by james

So its been a little while since we did some behind the scene photos and while I won’t promise anything I hope to get into doing these more often again. 

So the main difficulty with this script was mainly just the locations. I figured I would hide the fact that I’m not the greatest writer in the world with a lot of different scene changes and generally something happening in everyone (minus of course, dialogue)

I honeslty don’t remember the order these were shot in but we filmed in serveral locations including: Graham’s Place, Bill’s Place, UVIC, Ben’s Office. With the majority I think being at Bill and Morgans. Another fun little addition to this video was FOG!!! Now we use to have our very own fog machine purchased while on our summer road trip a couple years ago but being that it wasn’t the most expensice peice of equipment it didn’t last as long as we hoped, but fortunately we were bestowed another fog maker thingy majig by a local/fan and allround good dude by the name of Josh, so big ups to him.

I will have plently more to say during the podcast so make sure to tune in this weekend for LRRcast. In the mean time here are some pictures to enjoy.