Moonbase 2.0 Part 3: The Reveal
June 18th, 2009

Posted by james

As you all know over the past month and a half we have been in the process of moving our office across the hall (and by across the hall, we mean right across the hall. The door from the old office to the new office is 4 feet away) As you have seen, heard and read about over the last couple weeks was this wasn’t just as simple as picking up and moving shit across the hall. This was a major operation, in which along with blood, sweat and tears a good chunk of change and a good amount of time was speant. Here is my original list of things that needed to happen:

– Paint
– Lay carpet
– Reinstall baseboards and molding around door and windows.
– Insulate wall to right of large door and cover
– Install clothing rack and shelf along front wall
– Cover ceiling with fabric

This is going to be the “easy room” basically what we did to our current area but a bit larger scale with the addition of the ceiling work.

– Tear down existing particle board
– Build out around electrical area and close off (with doors for access)
– Build wall over opened entrance to room
– Drywall entire room, minus right hand wall
– Lay Carpet
– Paint

This was no small task, especially when you take into consideration the majority of us aren’t the most knowledgeable people when it comes to renovations. Monday, May 11th (The first day we started and where large portion of the new loadingtime footage came from) was the longest day by far. We speant over 14 hours in the office that day, we got a huge amount of work done and I think all of us went home as tired as we had ever been before.  After that it was pretty much just “when you can get down to the office for a couple hours, GO” And over the next 2 weeks we all pitched in here and there and got the place looking like a respectable office space. So without further ado, I introduce you to “LRR Moonbase MK II”

Moonbase 2.0 Part 2: The Renovatening
June 18th, 2009

Posted by Graham

We put a lot of work into the new Moonbase, as hopefully these pictures will illustrate. For additional insight into our pain, check out the latest Loading Time video on the subject. The photo captions will explain what’s going on, but trust that it was three weeks of solid, hard work—and totally worth it.

Anime Evolution Saturday Liveblog
June 13th, 2009

Posted by Tim

Ok, Tim here. It’s Day 2 of Anime Evolution and we’re ready for a full day of activities and funstuffs. Depending on the lifespan of my battery and the availability of the (rather spotty) wireless internet, I’ll try to keep you updated on the various shenanigans we get up to.

Hit the jump to see what’s happened so far. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Evolution Friday Liveblog
June 12th, 2009

Posted by Tim

Hey everyone! Tim here. We’re at Anime Evolution, and I thought I’d keep you updated on some of the things we’re getting up to. During the panels and screenings we’re a part of, I’m going to try to liveblog what’s happening.

First up is the LRR Directing/Editing panel. It started at 3 PM, but I’m a bit behind.

3:00 – The panel started.

3:15 – Matt, James, Bill, and I arrived to watch and help.

3:20 – Graham is contrasting the editing in a Season 1 video with the editing in Mercenary Solutions and Monday’s video.

3:35 – Graham and Paul are talking about getting an external microphone to improve audio quality.

3:45 – Graham is demonstrating carrying audio over into the next clip.

3:50 – Graham is talking about cutting down a Season 1 video from 20 minutes to 5 minutes, and how much it improved the video despite forcing him to cut out some really funny jokes.

3:55 – As per audience request, the panel is ending with a Season 1 video called “Ways to Make Someone Leave A Room.”

4:00 – And that’s it. Now James, Matt, and I are going to find a place to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Graham is improving with the 404s tonight, as well.

LRR @ Anime Evolution [VANCOUVER, BC]
June 10th, 2009

Posted by james

So for anyone who isn’t a member of our fabulous forums (which you should be) LoadingReadyRun will be present at this years Anime Evolution Convention in beautiful Vancouver BC.
Below you will find the times of our many appearances (for serious! we have like 5 things!)

We hope you can all make it out! If not, maybe next time.

Please click here for information on the convention:


How to Direct Web Videos
3:00 – 4:00
Graham and Paul talk about directing and editing tips.

Video Game Q&A
2:30 – 3:30
We take your gaming questions and go wildy off-topic.

LoadingReadyRun Q&A
4:30 – 6:30
The whole crew answers LRR (and non-LRR) questions and premieres Monday’s video!

How to Make YouTube Videos
9:30 – 10:30
Apparently we’re good enough at this to talk about it like we are.

LoadingReadyRun Screener
11:30 – 1:30
We’ll be showing nearly 2 hours of stuff, and showing Monday’s video for those who missed the Q&A

We’ll also have a table in the Dealers Room all day long on Saturday!
So come on by to that for all your LRR t-shirt and DVD needs!