Phone Manner – Behind the Scenes
December 23rd, 2009

Posted by Graham

While it was nice to have a pretty normal, straightforward shoot in-between withTucson or Bust, cH and the Christmas special around the same time, it was still at an awkward time.

We’d planned on shooting this and Merry Christmas Graham Stark on the same day, in tandem. But in that instance, Paul was cast as Ethan in Phone Manner and Linus in the xmas special, so we couldn’t juggle it properly.

Rescheduling for Sunday morning (before the usual Sunday ENN anchordesk shooting) Ben, Paul, Alex, Kathleen and myself (now recast as Ethan, since that was the original plan) went down to Ben’s office and fired it out fairly quickly. It’s not a long video, but still, it’s nice when things go fairly smoothly. We even cared about things like lighting properly so Alex didn’t get horribly backlit by the giant windows.

Anyway, not much to say, enjoy some pictures!