Loading Time: Moving the Moonbase
March 31st, 2010

Posted by Tim

LRR Behind the Scenes

As promised, here’s the Loading Time for our move into the Moonbase Mk. III. It took longer to get online that I had hoped, due to some strange upload issues with YouTube and our trip to Boston, but exporting with a different codec (and, unfortunately, at only 720p rather than 1080p) seems to have fixed the problem.

We’re really excited to be in this new place, and we’re also very thankful that everyone helped us find it back after we lost it.

Speaking of that Runners Operation, I should have a winner all picked out by the end of the week, and I’ll share some of the entries with you all when I do. Once that piece of business has been dealt with, next week should bring a new challenge for you all to complete. I’m looking forward to it!


PAX East Wrap-Up
March 29th, 2010

Posted by Tim

Well, it’s over.

PAX East has drawn to a close, and the gamers have all gone home. All, that is, except a good portion of the Enforcers, who are sticking around to do take-down and clean-up and all of the other essential work that makes the show work. We at LoadingReadyRun would like to thank all of the Enforcers and other PAX staff for everything they did to help us out and make our time at the con go so smoothly and be so enjoyable and successful.

Boston is a beautiful city. We had some time to wander around on Thursday, and on Sunday morning we were given a short driving tour of a few landmarks, as well. For my own part, I appreciated all the history that I could see in the city. We have some great historical buildings and landmarks in Victoria, BC, but Boston really puts its heritage out there!

The fan meet-up on Saturday afternoon was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to connect some names to faces, and our panel on Saturday night went really well. Thank you to everyone who showed up, despite the fact that we overlapped with Paul and Storm a bit, and prevented you from seeing the Video Game Orchestra.

It was really cool for us to have a table in Bandland, where we could hang out and meet people and sign autographs. It was even cooler that we had Wil Wheaton, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, and Bill Amend to our right, and Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and the Video Game Orchestra to our left!

I’m sure we’ll be sharing many more details about our trip over the next couple of podcasts, and we have taken some behind-the-scenes footage, so hopefully that will find its way online at some point. For now, though, Jer and myself are heading back to Victoria on a red-eye flight, and Graham, Paul, Matt, Kathleen, and James are continuing on to New York for some vacation time.

Once again, thank you to everyone who made PAX East so awesome, and hopefully we’ll see some more of you at PAX Prime this summer.

LoadingReadyRun PAX East Screening, Panel, Meetup
March 25th, 2010

Posted by Matt

As promised this is the update you’ll need for all your PAX East related information.

Friday (well, Saturday morning really): 1-2AM: Screening – Manticore Theatre: Watch LoadingReadyRun videos! We’ll be screening videos from season for for an hour, to close out the night. If you want to spend some time chilling before you head back to your hotel, join us and share some laughs.

Saturday: 2:30-3:30PM: Meetup – There’s a small plaza just east of the front door of the Hynes Convention Centre along Boylston St. This plaza is open air, accessible to anyone (even if you’re not attending the con itself) and won’t require you to buy anything! If you live on the east coast, and want to meet with the crew, even if you can’t go to PAX, you can come hang with us here!

Saturday: 10-11PM: Panel – Manticore Theatre: LoadingReadyRun Panel! Come to the theatre, watch a few videos, ask us some questions, have some fun! In attendance will be Me, Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Jer, James, and Tim. Fun times will be had by all!

All Weekend: Bandland – We have a table! Throughout the weekend members of the crew will rotate through our table in Bandland, to sign autographs, sell Tee-Shirts and DVD’s, and so on. Come back frequently, to see who’s around. Gotta catch us all!

So that’s it. I’m posting this to Twitter too, but this should be everything you need to know. Enjoy the con and see you there!

March 23rd, 2010

Posted by Matt

You should watch the video because it is up so you should watch it.

We filmed this video several weeks ago, and it was about as straightforward a shoot as you could expect. Naturally, we used the “office set” in the common room of Graham’s house, since it seems to work.

This was actually filmed before the move into our new office space, and our new office space actually has proper office space, so you may see some new sets showing up soon.


Behind the Move
March 20th, 2010

Posted by Tim

LRR Behind the Scenes

A couple of weekends ago, we moved the LoadingReadyRun Moonbase to a new location. We had some trouble remembering where we moved to, at one point, but thanks to the help all of you offered us, we think we’re close to finding it back. (Winners for the Operation will be announced soon.)

Luckily, we shot some behind-the-scenes footage during the move, so that’s been helpful, as well. There will be a full Loading Time from the move posted next week, including a walkthrough of the “completed” Moonbase Mk. III, but until that’s ready, take a look at this circle discussion of what the crew and friends think of moving: