Bed Buggery
September 27th, 2010

Posted by Matt


From day one, the plan had been for Paul to play the part of the bed owner in this video. Naturally, that didn’t happen. I was wicked sick with a cold on the day we shot this, and I came by Graham and Kathleen’s place for… I don’t remember. And Paul was there to play the part, but couldn’t do it because… I don’t remember. That should be reasonable evidence of how sick I was when we shot this. I felt like balls, and don’t remember most of the evening. I do, however, remember suggesting the stinger. I think that turned out well.

Spoilers- go watch the video before reading more:
The shot of Graham and I outside the burning house looks brilliant but is constructed in a way that is hilariously low-tech. We had to do that shot on a subsequent night, and we were short on people to crew. The embers are a post effect, obviously. Paul’s manning the camera, if I recall, and Kathleen is holding the boom in one hand, and swinging an incandescent light fixture back and forth randomly, in such a way that the light bounces to our faces in a random slow flicker. It looks awesome, but I’m sure to any passers by it probably would have looked like the most ridiculously unprofessional lighting system in the history of film.

Unskippable this week was Fracture. the video can be found here.


The Basement
September 21st, 2010

Posted by Matt

Do you know why I’ve brought you here? To watch this week’s video!

Based off the Crapshot of the same name this video is the first example of our use of the crapshots as a “proving ground” for concepts that may or may not fly as a full video. This one totally does though, so I highly advise you to go watch it. And then check out the rest of our Crapshots if you havent already. You may even find a few that were filmed in the same location, at the same time have popped up over the last few days.

For the future, we may or may not adapt further Crapshots. It’s certainly somthing we’d like to do. So keep watching, and see if you can guess which ones might actually turn into a full video rown the road!

Unskippable this week was Transformers: War for Cybertron. Roll out to The Escapist and watch it!

Crapshot Roundup: August 30 – September 17, 2010
September 17th, 2010

Posted by Matt

Crapshots! Because it’s been so long since I’ve posted one of these roundups, I will waste no additional time writing comments to stand between you and your glorious comedy. Enjoy!

Episode 59. The Ticket:

Episode 60: The Pack:

Episode 61: The Punishment IV:

Episode 62: The Cards:

Episode 63: The Headgear:

Episode 64: The Purchase:

Episode 65: The Song:

Episode 66: The Basement II:

September 14th, 2010

Posted by Matt

What variety of fruit native to Borneo and most closely related to the Breadfruit is known by the Binomial name of Artocarpus odoratissimus? This weeks video!

Apologies again for the late blog update, but I wanted to make sure that Tim’s farewell post go sufficient time at the top of the page. It’s an important announcement, so I figured the video update post could wait. Best wishes, Tim!

This particular video update features nearly every regular and recurring member of the cast and crew. Each bit was filmed in isolation, and I have to admit, when we filmed the opening part that I was in, I had very little idea what the rest of the video was going to look like. So it was a surprise to see how it all turned out. It’s always fun to film a part somewhat in isolation, and then see how it fits into a greater unknown.

Unskippable this week was Mini Ninjas I recommend you check it out.


A Sad Goodbye
September 13th, 2010

Posted by Jeremy

It’s my sad duty this evening to announce  the departure of crewmember, CFO and Matt-doppleganger-prime, Tim Sevenhuysen, who has decided to move on from LoadingReadyRun.

Tim has been a huge asset to us since he joined the crew last year, helping keep everybody organized, making our bookkeeping massively more efficient, spearheading community initiatives like and Inside the Moon, and co-producing some of the best material we’ve made to date. He also has done a bang0up job producing behind-the-scenes material, and generally being a stand-up guy.

However, in life–as in all things–Q knows best, and as he is quick to point out in the series finale of Next Generation, all good things must come to an end. Tim has a busy life outside of LoadingReadyRun and his forthcoming masters thesis will be eating up much his time, now that the school year has begun. Speaking as someone who has been caught in the difficult bind between  school, a “real job” and the awesome–but time consuming and but not particularly glamorous–life of a web-based filmmaker, I can empathize with this.

We’ll be sad to see Tim go, but wish him luck in future projects. I encourage any of you who with to send him off with style to comment on this post, or send him an email. I believe he will continue producing, and I’m sure he’ll find himself up to something else creative before we know it.

Love from all of us.