Desert Bus IV: A New Hope is underway!
November 20th, 2010

Posted by Matt

That’s where we’ll be for the next several days. You should come join in and help us raise money for Child’s Play!

See you there!

ENN Going Bi-Weekly
November 17th, 2010

Posted by Jeremy
Just a quick update to let you all know that ENN will be going bi-weekly for the foreseeable future. The plan at this point is to skip this week [today] and have the the first bi-weekly episode up next week. We and the Escapist both love ENN, and we’re hoping the longer timeframe will give Graham, Paul, Kathleen and myself the opportunity to do even better things with the series going forward.
Sorry for the short notice on this one. Be sure to tune in this time next week :).

It’s Magic!
November 16th, 2010

Posted by Matt

I tap two mountains and summon this week’s video. It has haste, and swings for 2.

So if you’ve been paying any attention to the crew at all, of late, it will come as no surprise to you that this episode is based extremely heavily on actual events. They did, in fact, give away Magic cards at PAX. That is, in fact, what got us back into magic. Many of us are now deeply… shall we say, “invested” in the game. There were spending limits. They did go away. Kathleen actually does have an angry kitties deck. Alex can do magic. Some of us have two or even three different decks we play in rotation. Some of us play at Friday Night Magic at Yellow Jacket.

All in all, I hope you appreciate what a fricking miracle it is that we’re even producing videos anymore.

No, I have not spent $40 on one card. (I was also not the first to cave under the spending limit).

Unskippable this week was Clash of the Titans. You can find it here.


Decadent Sports League
November 9th, 2010

Posted by Matt

You can’t possibly afford to compete, but perhaps you should consider tuning in to today’s recap of the first annual Decadent Sports League Championships.

Well, that’s not entirely true, you could probably afford to participate in the chess events.

This particular video was filmed over several days and at several different locations throughout town. The most notable of these is the human-sized chess board located down by the Selkirk waterfront and trestle bridge (here). It’s one of the more scenic places in town. It used to be mostly industrial, and somewhat rundown, but in the last decade or so has seen some major urban renewal, and is now home to some very nice condos, trendy coffee shops, and warterfront park space. Also, inexplicably, a giant chess board.

Filming the scenes we did proved a little tricky, as we were within sight of the Galloping Goose trail, a major recreational and transportation (cycle, foot) route though town. Naturally, we had a whole bunch of prop weapons, which we were trying to keep on the down-low, but it’s hard not to attract attention when you’ve got a bunch of goofy looking folks playing with swords on a concrete chess board. Ultimately, we ended up having to shoot around a few interested parties trying to watch us, and one fellow who rolled up on his bike and started trying to chat with us.

It was an adventure to say the least.

Unskippable this week was White Knight Chronicles Part 2, and it can be found here.


Crapshots Roundup: October 12, 2010 – November 1, 2010
November 6th, 2010

Posted by Matt

Heh, been a while since I posted one of these! (awkward~!) so I present to you, a shiny new Crapshot Roundup!

Episode 74 – The Shot:

Episode 75 – The Mine:

Episode 76 – The Air:

Episode 77 – The Basement IV:

Episode 78 – The Shirt:

Episode 79 – The Exhibits:

Episode 80 – The Promotion:

Episode 81 – The Block: