Give In
June 27th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Do it! This week’s video deserves to be watched!

Given that this video was written by and predominantly stars Graham, I asked him to provide some background about this update:

This video sprung out of the moment near the beginning, where Gary just immediately accepts his “dark” half’s suggestion. I was watching a movie where someone was being tempted by their inner demons to accept the dark side and kill someone, and I thought to myself, “What if he just said yes? Just, right now, boom, yes to the darkness?”

And that was the jumping-off point. Then, of course, as sketch comedy law states, if there’s an evil “shoulder angel”, there’s a good one too. And he’s a little annoyed that you started without him.

The video turned out shorter than I’d originally realized, but I feel it’s another example of the joke not overstaying its welcome. Also, for trivia purposes, this video was edited entirely in the new Final Cut Pro X, which (I’ve discovered) has surprisingly good green screen filtering.

Hope you enjoy it!

Unskippable today was Homefront. You can watch that here.

Today’s episode of Checkpoint is also up. You’ll find that over at PATV.


Magic up Everywhere in this Piece
June 23rd, 2011

Posted by Graham

Last week, Graham went down to Seattle (to represent Canada it seems), at the Magic: the Gathering Online Community Cup. James, Jeremy and Alex went with him to coach, document and cheer on. The Community Team was successful and defeated the team from Wizards of the Coast. Those videos will be going up over the coming week or so. But prior to their trip, Jeremy ran Graham through his paces to make sure he was as ready as possible.

Here’s the video evidence.

First, Graham and Jer cracked open a bunch of New Phyrexia boosters to go over the best pick order for a draft:

Then, taking that information into the real world, they tried out a draft at YellowJacket, the local card shop (which went very well!):

And of course, since the event will be played in the MTGO environment, some actual, internet drafts (which went poorly!):

Now that the crew is back from Seattle, and the Calgary Entertainment Expo, here are the first two video updates from the road:

Calgary Entertainment Expo and Fan Meetup!
June 16th, 2011

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone, just a reminder that LRR are guests at the Calgary Entertainment Expo this weekend. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Panels

We’ll be hosting two panels:
LRR Panel: Saturday, 11:00 am – Viewing Room B
Desert Bus FAQ & Fundraiser Panel: Sunday, 4:00 pm – Workshop Room C

2. Merch

We’ll also have a booth! We’ll be selling all our shirts, our buttons, pins and patches, DVDs (Seasons 2, 3 and Commodore Hustle). We’re in booth 1213 – right next to the Sam and Fuzzy Booth in the Webcomics area.

3. Fan Meetup

We’ll be holding a Fan Meetup on Sunday at 1:00 pm at the LRR booth and we’ll move onto a bigger gathering area from there, but we’ll leave instructions at the booth on where we are and how to find us if you show up late.

4. Signing

We’ll be heading back to our booth after both our panels to do signings/meet and greet/hangouts.

5. Magic

We’ve all brought at least a standard and a Commander deck, and we’d love to play with you! And yes, Kathleen will have the Angry Kitties 2.0 deck.

6. Who’s going to be there?

The entire crew will be in attendance with a special bonus Tally!


Hope to see you in Calgary!


LRR Store Update (Canada Post Strike)
June 15th, 2011

Posted by Paul

Important Site News:

We regret to inform you that Canada Post has made the decision to lock out striking postal workers and suspend mail deliveries across Canada.

As LRR ships all merchandise orders via Canada Post, this means until the strike is resolved, we are unable to accept any new orders through the LRR store.

What does this mean for you?

1. As of June 15, the LRR store is not accepting any orders for DVDs, shirts, pins, posters, patches or buttons.
2. Even if the lockout and strike are resolved quickly, the resulting backlog in mail volume could mean additional shipping delays after mail service is resumed.
3. Packages currently in the Canada Post system (ie, they have left the Moonbase, but have yet to be delivered to you or your country’s mail service) could experience significant delays due to the suspension of service.
4. We will still be selling merchandise in person – we will have a selection of shirts, DVDs and other items for sale at the Calgary Expo. If you live in Victoria and would like to purchase items in person, please email [email protected]
5. If you do not live locally, but still need to have LRR merchandise, contact [email protected] to inquire about courier (ie, FedEx, DHL) options.

We really appreciate your patience and hope to have the store up and running again as soon as it is possible.


The LRR Crew

June 13th, 2011

Posted by Matt

This week’s video is up, so head on over to the Escapist and check it out.

The video was filmed this weekend in Oak Bay, during the annual Garagellenium event. Garagellenium is basically one big, co-ordinated garage sale day for Oak Baydians to put their old junk out for sale, and it’s netted us a few choice props in the past. (Also a copy of this record on vinyl). No great finds this year, sadly, but with the cooperation of a few kind sale-operators we got this episode shot with little difficulty.

Unskippable this week was Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can find that here.

Also, over at PATV, you’ll find the E3 Roundup episode of Checkpoint.