Duty Calls
September 26th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Hark, travellers!  I have for you a divine quest.  Follow this holy link, and the LRRd shall reward you with comedy!

And lo, Kathleen did write:

So this week’s video was inspired by an off handed comment I made while Graham, Cam, Alex, Jess and I played a game of Commander. I mentioned that I wanted to do a D&D campaign, but only if my character could be really resistant to the whole questing aspect. Not a coward, but someone who despite a less than noble background wasn’t at all stupid and wasn’t really into the idea of being sent on some gloriously dangerous quest. After realizing that that would make a terrible D&D campaign I decided to write a video about it instead. The ending was terribly difficult to write, so I would like to say while I get the writing credit, Paul and Graham helped me arrive at the ending, and Graham wrote the stinger. Originally I had wanted Graham to play Gabriel, but as it turns out, it’s hard to find an angel costume for a man. A quick gender switch later and we were ready to go.

On any heavenly quest, hellish abominations are sure to appear. I think this week’s Unskippable counts. Metroid: Other M (Part 1)

And finally, Checkpoint seeks the wisdom of a new prophet, to tell us great stories of Sony’s acts. Featuring a guest appearance by Justin McElroy of Joystiq.


Annette – Internet Receptionist
September 19th, 2011

Posted by Matt

The LRR video for the week is online and ready to watch! You can find it right here.

So, you may note from the credits of this video that it was written (in part) by none other than the video’s co-star and our good friend Andy Cownden! On top of writing the video itself, he was also kind enough to write a paragraph about his part in the writing process! I’ve included that below.

Back in June, I had this idea for a sketch. It had one location with one actor and was therefore the perfect sort of script for Loading Ready Run. The problem was, I was only able to write two pages of one-liners and two pages is not quite long enough for a LRR sketch. Dissatisfied, I sent it along to Graham and Paul anyway, hoping they might be able to do something with it. Naturally, we all forgot about it. The other day when I was visiting from Vancouver, I brought it out again at the Moonbase. Paul sat down with it, added enough lines to flesh it out and we shot it all on the same day. I was immensely pleased with both Paul’s new material as well as Kathleen’s performance.

Unskippable this week features everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog in Sonic and the Black Knight.

And Checkpoint is tackling some hard hitting questions (and birds) over on PATV.


Whole Story: Fire Hydrants
September 12th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Fire hydrants: Stoic, unflinching protectors of our livlihoods. Have you ever wanted to know more? Today, we give you the Whole Story.

This video marks the second appearance of Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer, and marks the point at which “The whole Story” has officially become a series, rather than a single video. As such, Paul provided me a few words with regards to his inspiration.

The Whole Story series was inspired by, among other things, John Hodgman’s Areas of my Expertise and Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg’s Alt Text videos for Wired. I love the idea of a historian not only being incorrect but actually flat out lying, but speaking with enough authority to seem semi plausible. As with the Spam episode, instead of just making everything up whole cloth, I found it was funnier to get the small details correct even if the larger parts of the story were completely silly. For instance, the modern fire hydrant was indeed invented by Birdsill Holly around the time mentioned in the video. Big thanks to Tensen for providing the great drawings of a dragon attacking a plasma tv and with its nose caught in the 6 pack ring (the most dangerous weapon mankind has ever developed). I was also quite happy with what I came up with for the diagram of the Fire Hyrda. It is the combination of 4 highly detailed engine cross sections and I feel it gets across the ridiculous complexity of the 23 foot long machine.

Checkpoint is available to view over at PATV. Today’s episode is titled: Project – Buy Our Shit

UPDATE: There it is! Unskippable is now online! Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers


September 9th, 2011

Posted by Graham

Now that the madness of August is behind us, I was able to catch up on some behind-the-scenes videos that are overdue. (The rest of the MTGO Community Cup videos are coming soon too! I feel awful about their delay, so they’re a personal priority for me).

First off, behind the scenes of The Amendment, where Paul shows off our great podium hack.

Then, a look behind some of the shots in More Sleep! With sleepy Kathleen and a game where we assault Paul with beach rocks.

Finally, a short one from PAX, in which I (with a grim inevitability) get clubbed.


Labour Day Weekend: Rent, COD: Black Ops and Jer’s Retirement Plan
September 6th, 2011

Posted by Matt

First things, first, here are this week’s videos:

LRR: Rent
Unskippable: Cod Blops
CheckPoint: Retirement Plan

This weekend was awesome. Canada and the US decided to declare September 5th a national holiday in honour of Freddie Mercury’s birthday (or that might have been just because it was Labour Day, but who can be sure…) and we had three new LRR videos and they went up on a day when most of us didn’t have to work.

First up is Rent. Graham wrote this while on a Southern Rail train from London to Chichester.  He got the idea from a conversation between Paul and himself, with one of them saying, “don’t forget – the rent is Monday,” which garnered the response, “what, the day itself?” And thus a beautiful comedy flower bloomed. While I may have been watching the writing process, I had almost no input into it, but I think I did help Graham come up with the name “Temporal Suck-u-Tron”.   Filmed in James’ apartment, we employed some clever set clearing and camera angles to make the place look empty without having to actually empty James’ apt. Tim happened to have some free time on Friday to stop by, so we quickly press-ganged him into service.

In case you were thinking “boy this video sounded really nice,” you’ll be pleased to note that this video was the first one filmed using our new audio system, the Zoom H4N. If you’re interested in the technical breakdown, we formerly used a sort of janky workaround to get high quality audio from our Cannon 60D, as the built in audio equipment was just not that good. Now that we’re using the Zoom, we’re recording our audio separately and then matching the two tracks in editing. Hopefully you notice the difference in audio fidelity.

This week’s CheckPoint was sadly, Jer’s last episode for a while, as he is leaving LRR to go back to school and finish his degree. He’ll still be around from time to time (driving during Desert Bus, appearing in Friday Nights and Hustle, etc) but until he’s done you’ll see a lot less Jer and he won’t be working on CheckPoint for the next little while. Good Luck Jer!

And finally, this week’s Unskippable was Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Cod Blops, as I like to call it. This episode was mostly comprised of one cutscene, but Paul and Graham did have to cut out a couple of gameplay sections to make it all work together and not to have it end too abruptly.

I leave you with this image. Godspeed Jer, and learn that stuff real good.