Ways to Ring in the New Year
December 28th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Just in time for the start of 2012, the new videos are up and ready to help you celebrate!

LoadingReadyrun: Ways to Ring in the New Year
Unskippable: SOCOM 4
Checkpoint: Clipshow

With Christmas just passed, New Year’s is right around the corner! And since this may well be (not really -m ) the last new Year’s we ever get to celebrate, we figured we ought to help you ring it in in the best possible way! Get your resolution in order, pick your favorite celebration, and prepare for the start of the greatest year yet!

Cheers everyone! See you in 2012!

Santa and Me
December 19th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Oh videos, Oh videos, How lovely are your pixels…

LoadingReadyRun: Santa and Me
Unskippable: Atelier Totori
Checkpoint: Checkpoint Awards

Christmas day is drawing near,
and like routine this time of year,
we post our seasonal Christmas treat,
this one has a sweet back-beat.

Graham wrote the lyrics for this song,
and Bradley toiled all week long,
until this tune he did create,
with which your ears we could elate.

And LeeLee did provide her art,
to please your eyes and win your heart,
without her this vid would be lacking,
so ‘Thanks!’ to her artistic backing.

The one last thing you need to know:
This song’s for sale! Go Go Go!
Purchase, download, play for friends,
Ensure the season never ends!

Cheers, everyone! And whatever your celebration of choice this season, we at LoadingReadyRun hope it treats you well. Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you next week!

Formal Complaint
December 12th, 2011

Posted by Matt

The week’s videos have been posted! You can find them below:

LoadingReadyRun: Formal Complaint
Unskippable: Dark Souls
Checkpoint: Game for Fashion

As noted at least once by our fans in the discussion threads for this video (here and here) this week’s sketch was inspired pretty heavily by Monty Python. Andy gives us some background:

I like to think of this video as an homage to Monty Python rather than a poor imitation of a Python sketch, because one is sophisticated and the other is sad. The long, quiet shot of the “A Bakery” sign is an especially nice touch from Graham, in my opinion. Some people may think that I wrote the bakery sketch first and then inserted the meta critic later on. That just goes to show that some people are wrong. The script, aside from some editing and looking up gorillas on wikipedia, flowed out just as it is seen here. Also, I realized too late that I’m pronouncing the second syllable of the word “banana” improperly re: my british dialect. There is no excuse for this and I should be publicly flogged.



The LRR crew returned from our trip to the Child’s Play Charity dinner in Bellvue, WA yesterday, where we met up with a whole bunch of our friends and had an all-around awesome time. Our friend Dikla snapped a bunch of great pictures of this snazzy shindig, and I’ve borrowed a couple to post below. We clean up ok!


Suspiciously Good Movers
December 6th, 2011

Posted by Matt

This week’s videos have appeared, and suspiciously efficiently…

LRR: Suspiciously Good Movers
Unskippable: Dungeon Seige 3
Checkpoint: Acts of Ville-ainy

This week’s video was co-written by Graham, and he delivered to me a little write up about it, but in no way did he deliver it via interdimensional teleportation device:

I don’t even remember how this came up in conversation, but Paul and I had the idea for a moving company to flatly deny their use use of a teleporter and it ballooned from that. I really wanted to make it a video but couldn’t quite add enough to it. I’d gotten as far as the wormhole, but it needed another level. When Paul and I worked over it we came up with the clone army, at which point you hopefully realize that in all appearances of Paul from earlier in the video, he’s wearing different hats, because he’s a different clone.

Shooting turned out well because Kate had just moved, and still had boxes everywhere. This video actually makes her apartment look bigger than it is, because between each shot we basically had to completely rearrange all the boxes in her living area. But the shoot only took us a couple hours on a Thursday night and it worked out really well!

On Thursday the LRR crew will be heading down to Seattle to participate in the Child’s Play charity Dinner and Auction. If you’re planning to be there feel free to stop us and say hi! We’d love to talk to you, and we’re definitely hoping to see some of you there!

Have a great week!