Pony Time
January 30th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Spike, take a letter please…

CommodoreHUSTLE: Pony Time
Unskippable: X-Men Destiny
Checkpoint: Tower Heist

Dear Princess Celestia,

Sometimes your friends like things that you might think are a little weird or unusual. They may even like those things so much that they want to share them with you! You might think that you’re not interested, but if you haven’t tried it yourself, how could you possibly know? Getting angry or frustrated will just make your friend upset, and no one likes to have their intrests dismissed out of hand. Besides, if you keep an open mind, and trust your friends maybe you’ll find that the thing you originally thought was weird is actually a lot of fun! Then, you’ll have a whole new thing to share, and be closer friends than ever before!

Your faithful students,

The LoadingReadyRun Crew


A Long Con…
January 30th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Hey everyone! It’s 2012, and you know what that means! No, not the end of the world – it means a new year of convention appearances! The LRR crew visits an ever-growing number of conventions each year, and we’re getting off to an early start, so it’s time to tell you about a few of the places we’re going to be. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there may be more appearances added as the year goes on, but these are the ones we know about right now.


Gottacon 2012: Victoria, BC – February 3-5

First on the block is Gottacon! Run out of Victoria’s own Pearkes Arena, Gottacon is Victoria’s première gaming convention, covering gaming of all sorts, including tabletop games, role-playing games, card games, board games, video games and more!  On top of all this gaming goodness, Gottacon also offers panels, workshops, screening blocks, and QA sessions with a wide array of talented comic artists, game designers, and web video groups!  The con staff have been kind enough to offer us a three-hour long QA and screening block on Friday night, so we do hope that if you’re in the area you’ll come by and listen to us go on at length about ourselves, because that is almost certainly what we will do.


Where/When: Pearkes Arena, 3100 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC –  Friday, February 3, 2012 – 7:00PM-10:00PM.


Tsukino-Con 2012: Victoria, BC – February 17-19


A mere two weeks after Gottacon, LRR will be making an appearance at Tsukino-Con, the largest anime and Japanese cultural convention on Vancouver Island!  Tsukino-Con happens annually in the University of Victoria’s Engineering and Computer Science building. Always packed tight with things to do, this year’s convention is no different. They’ll have anime screenings, panel discussions, AMV contests, cosplay, dances, they may even have a kitchen sink!

If you get to Tsukino-Con this year, you’ll find the LRR crew running a 2-hour panel and screening block on the evening of February 18th (that’s the Saturday) .

Where/When: University of Victoria ECS building, Victoria, BC – Saturday February 18th – 10:00PM-12:00AM


PAX East 2012: Boston, MA – April 6-8, 2012


Next up is the east-coast edition of the Penny-Arcade Expo! This con probably needs no explanation, given that it’s the largest video-gaming and general geekery convention on the planet. The younger sister of the nearly decade-old Penny-Arcade expo, this convention has everything you could want and more. Certainly too much for me to describe in a single measly paragraph. What I can tell you for sure, is that Graham, Kathleen, James, and I (Matt) will be among the 70,000-odd people wandering around the show-floor of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. We’ll have a table in Bandland, which we’ll be at regularly, and we’ll also have a panel and screening block that you can attend. What I can’t tell you for sure, is where these things are going to be and when, because they haven’t published their schedule yet!

Where/When: The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center – 415 Summer Street, Boston, MA – April 6-8


Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo: Calgary, AB – April 27-29, 2012


The final entry on this list is none other than the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The LRR crew attended this particular con for the first time in 2011, and we had such a great time, we just had to go back! We couldn’t be happier that we did, either, because it was just announced (like, tonight! -m) that the complete principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be reuniting at this con for the 25th anniversary of the show. Forget LoadingReadyRun, get out to this con just for that!

Of course, if you don’t forget LoadingReadyRun, we’ll be there for you to come find. Plans are to have a panel as well as a booth, but the con is a little far off in the distance yet to know for sure. We’ll definitely be there, though, I mean, the entire main cast of ST:TNG. SERIOUSLY.

Where/When: BMO Centre, 20 Roundup Way, Calgary, AB – April 27-29


Details, Details…


One more thing. Throughought our con appearances this year, we’re going to play a little game. We want you to bring us magic cards. Not just any Magic cards though. We want you to go out and get a “Bump in the Night“, write your name and email, or twitter handle (or both) on the back (in Sharpie, please!), and bring it by our booth or panel at whatever con you come to. There is however two ways in which you can win our little game. You CAN bring a regular old run of the mill version of the card and expect good results. However, if you were to step it up a notch and bring a FOIL version of bump then maybe, just maybe, things will get a little bit better.

Every person who brings us such a card will get a little reward, and we have plans for the cards we collect. If you want to find out what the reward is, well, you’ll just have to play the game!



Also, you just lost The Game.


January 24th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Yo- Yo. bro. Hey, bro! Man, have I got some stories for you. You won’t even believe ’em!

LoadingReadyRun: Jonny
Unskippable: Cursed Crusade
Checkpoint: Masters of Code, Not Money

Allow me the (dubious) honour of introducing Jonny. Jonny’s a new addition to our character roster, but we expect that you’ll grow to love him. As if you don’t already. He’s the life of the party, after all!

Indeed, this isn’t the last time you’ll get to see Jonny wax poetic on his various celebratory adventures. We shot this video on Saturday at Ben’s house, and immediately thereafter, we moved to a different (and super secret) location to shoot another! Much like the Story Guy videos of days past, the plan is to have Jonny return from time to time, to recount a tale of drunken debauchery, sexual conquest, and felony substance abuse. You’ll have to wait a while for the next video though. As Much as Jonny talks tough, he doesn’t have a new story to tell every week. So keep checking back, and one day, like Cyclops, he will emerge from the shadows, and shred you with his razor wit… claws.


LRR + MtG + Internet
January 20th, 2012

Posted by james

So as many of you know we here at LRR like our Magic. We also know that many of you don’t, so we’ve started to make an effort to seperate our MtG talk as much as possible.

Step number one was to create a brand new Twitter account, which you can find here – http://twitter.com/LRRMtG

If you enjoy Magic, or more specifically like hearing us talk about Magic then this is the account for you. Along with live tweeting both our own office events and any event we attend at our LGS (local game shop, for the uninitiated), we will also be letting people know when you can find us streaming a draft over on Twitch TV.

Streaming Magic drafts is gaining in popularity and we thought we should get in ground floor and do our best to put a LRR spin on the medium. In the immediate future James and Graham (and possibly someone else) will be back drafting this Saturday evening at 7:00PM PST. Please jump on over to http://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun, create an account, and start following us for updates for when we go live.


January 17th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Immediately below this line are some links you can click on. You should click on them.

LRR: Voluntourism
Unskippable: Rage
Checkpoint: Survey Says!

This shoot was extremely quick and easy, and we got to play around with some new equipment and a new location to boot! The office location was that of a local business who kindly allowed us in to shoot for about an hour on Saturday, an we’re thrilled they did, because the setting is perfect. I feel like the papers strewn about and office equipment present lends a sense of authenticity to the video that we aren’t often able to provide, so it was great to be acting on a really convincing set.

The new piece of equipment is a neat little Kessler Pocket Dolly we picked up. You’ll notice the camera move right at the beginning of the video. Keep an eye out for those small camera motions in future videos, because I expect that little device is going to see a lot of use.

The size of it is perfect for our needs too. We can easily transport it in the back of my car, and it takes seconds to set up and dismantle.  These are massive bonuses, given our relative distatte for planning, and effort. It’s super handy, and lets us add these cool little dynamic touches in places we weren’t prviously able. I think it’s found a good home with our group.