Spare Us, Gus
February 27th, 2012

Posted by Matt

The videos are here! And there’s a few new additions to the roster! Since last Monday the following series have updated (or premiered!):

LoadingReadyRun: Spare Us, Gus
Unskippable: Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Checkpoint: Is It Worth It?
Feed Dump: Test Tube Beef
Friday Nights: Untap
Loading Time: Pros at Cons
GPLP: Dante’s Inferno: (E. 16, 17, & 18)

Yeesh. We do a lot of stuff!

So, this week’s episode is… weird. Good weird! But… weird. I’m not sure quite what to make of it. It’s funny though. That much I know to be true. The script comes to us from none other than our forum’s very own Alex Roederer (AlexanderDitto), who’s been a fan and member of our community for basically as long as I can remember us having fans or a community. He assures us that his sense of humour is pretty unorthodox, and I’d say that this particular sketch would lend credence to that claim. I’m not sure quite what we filmed exactly, or how it was inspired, but we filmed it, and we laughed. So Thanks, Alex!

Among our many updates this week was the very first episode of our four-part HUSTLE-spinoff series “Friday Nights” which we are producing in association with Wizards of the coast. This series has been a long time coming, and were really thrilled that it’s finally here. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, and e couldn’t be happier to hear that you’re all enjoying it so much. We’ll be updating a new episode each Thursday for the next three weeks, so make sure to check back in and follow the crew’s Magic the Gathering adventures!


Loading Time – Pros at Cons
February 25th, 2012

Posted by Graham

In case you missed it in all the Friday Nights fooferaw, here is this week’s Loading Time, with footage from our two recent convention appearances!
And check out Kathleen’s article on The Escapist.

February 21st, 2012

Posted by Matt

Hey, you looking for some “fun”? If so, I have it on good authority that the videos posted below qualify.

LoadingReadyRun: Cruising
Unskippable: Dead Island
Checkpoint: Legacy of Shame

So, I happen to know that the script for this one has been kicking around in some form or another for quite a while. I know this because the concept of it was a topic of discussion in my car as we were driving around Vancouver to pick up merch on our way down to PAX. We’re always a little nervous when we do videos with gay characters, as we have a sizeable LGBT fanbase (who we adore, and invite you to join, if you’re LGBTQ or an ally), and it can be difficult as a fairly homogeneously heterosexual crew to be certain that we’re not crossing lines when we do a video like this. It’s pretty important to us that we maintain an open and accepting message, so a lot of care went into making this video funny because of the situation, and not because of orientation or stereotype. I do hope we succeeded at walking that line gracefully. We joke because we love.

Unfortunately there won’t be a Loading Time for this episode, as Ray was unfortunately not able to make it out for this shoot. It’s alright though, because this shoot was extremely uninteresting, given that it only took about an hour and a half, had one location, and was only interrupted by forgetting the Zoom in the car, forgetting the keys to open the car to get the Zoom from it, and some of the worst possible timing in the universe on the part of an automatic flush device that shall remain unnamed. There will still be A Loading Time this week, though, so you’ll have to check back and see what it’s about!


Loading Time – The Banshee Wails
February 16th, 2012

Posted by Graham

Here’s this week’s Loading Time, and its associated article on The Escapist, by Kathleen.

The Break
February 13th, 2012

Posted by Matt

The videos are here! Here are some links to them that you can click:

LoadingReadyRun: The Break
Unskippable: Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Checkpoint: Double-Extra Fine

This was a fun video to shoot. I love filming with Cam because he’s got a presence of character that’s very different from everyone else in the room. I described it to him as a je ne sais Cam. I’m pretty sure that’s not how French works.

The main adventure involved in filming this particular episode involved the effects that were required near the end of the video. Yeah, we broke out the smoke machine for this one (and the results look AWESOME. Props to Graham for the post effects). So, Take 1: we IMMEDIATELY set off the smoke alarm, and have to scramble around trying to find a way to remove it from the ceiling and kill it’s power supply without making our ears bleed. Take 2: We realize that we’ve filled the entire apartment with a thick haze of theatrical smoke, and choose to open he door to the hallway. Take 3: we realize we’ve now filled the hallway with a thick haze of theatrical smoke.

Then we realized that we were filming the video chronologically, and still need to do a couple shots in a smoke-free apartment. 45 minutes of waiting for the room to ventilate ensued. Kathleen used this time to write out a sign to post in the hallway indicating to her neighbours that there was no need to pull the fire alarm. Cam held a fan to a window.

We’re amazing at this.


Oh, that’s a bottle of Glenlivet, by the way. I know some people were asking.