En Garde
April 24th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Never a crew to break with our prescribed routine (if we can help it), please find below our updates for the last 7 days!

LoadingReadyRun: En Garde
Unskippable: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Part One
Checkpoint: Power Sink
Feed Dump: Night Flight to Venus
Loading Time: LRR <3 PAX East
GPLP: X-Men Destiny (PT10, PT11)

This video was shot outside the ECS building at the University of Victoria on the weekend before last. Andy had come to town for a couple days between gigs, and we figured his ability to do physical acting would come in extremely handy for this particular video. We weren’t wrong.

This was also the first video of 2012 to force us into an annual predicament that we always forget is coming until it happens. Warm, sunny days, make for AWFUL lighting situations if you’re shooting in partial shadow. Contrast between light and dark becomes a real problem once the sun starts coming out, and since we shoot in overcast or rainy weather 6 months out of the year, we always forget about it. It took us 45 minutes just to scout out a location where the light was ok for shooting.

Additional problems stuck when it became apparent that there was something (presumably and exam) going on inside the building. The location we shot at was actually just to the side of the building’s main entryway, and there was a pretty constant stream of people in and out for much of our shoot. The shots in this particular video were virtually all snuck in between interruptions, but apparently we managed to get everything we needed.

We’ll be headed to the Calgaray Comic and Entertainment Expo on Thursday, so we hope to see you there. As a result we won’t be streaming a live Magic draft on our twitch account this week, so we hope you’ll take a rain check on that. For updates about the next draft, please follow @LRRMtG on twitter.

Have a great week, everyone! Cheers!

Jonny Three
April 18th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Jonny’s back, and he’s got another story to tell you:

LoadingReadyRun: Jonny Three
Unskippable: Yakuza 4 – Part 2
Checkpoint: There Is No Bubble
Feed Dump: Bacon Coffin
Loading Time: Xbox Evolution

Sorry for the late update, everyone. It’s been a super busy week, and I simply haven’t had a chance to write a post up.

Not a lot to say about this video, really. It’s the third installment (of five!) from our “Jonny” series. We do hope you’ll enjoy it.

As a reminder, the LRR crew will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo next weekend (Apr 27th-29th). I’ll be throwing a post up here with more details when we’re a little closer to the actual event, too, so remember to check back!


The 720th Degree
April 9th, 2012

Posted by Paul

Just saying this now: If Microsoft uses our idea, we expect some royalties.

LoadingReadyRun: The 720th Degree
Unskippable: Yakuza 4 – Part 1
Checkpoint: EA is Just the Worst
Feed Dump: No Foot for You
Loading Time: Geeks and Six Foot Ceilings
Bonus: Mailbag!
GPLP: X-Men Destiny (PT9)

Big thanks to GameHouse for letting us shoot in their office. We needed somewhere that looked like a stylish game development studio and, being a stylish game development studio themselves, they were perfect. As for behind the scenes info, what do you think the XBox Free60 was made out of? I can tell you right now that it wasn’t Zunes. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have never actually seen a Zune in the wild in Victoria.

Something else we did this week is the bonus Mailbag! video we did answering some questions sent in by Escapist viewers. Think of it like AskLRR, but shorter and with less talk about Magic.

Have a great week, everyone!

LRR Meetup!
April 6th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

The LRR fan meetup will be in the satelite food court at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

See you there!

Some Kind of Geek
April 2nd, 2012

Posted by Matt

Well, after spending much of last week down and out with one of the worst colds I’ve had in ages, I do now hereby return the LRR Blog to its regularly-scheduled weekly updates!

LoadingReadyRun: Current: Some Kind of Geek – Previous: PTA Meeting
Unskippable: Current: Knight’s Contract – Previous: Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katmai
Checkpoint: Current: Ubi Goes Soft – Previous: Gaming the System
Feed Dump: Current: Commentary All-Stars – Previous: Fruit Fly Rejection
Loading Time: Current: Extra Extras – Previous: Assassin in the Snow
GPLP: (PT6, PT7, PT8)

This week’s video was written by our forums’ own Andrew Metcalfe (Metcarfre), sports fan, geek, fashionable man about town, and connoisseur of fine comedy that he is. Fun fact: when this script originally arrived in our inbox, it was missing it’s entire third page due to some unfortunate confluence of technology. Graham read it and proceeded to think, “Hm. well, it’s not bad. Bit short. Ends kind of abruptly.” It wasn’t until somewhat later that he realized that the script wasn’t actually complete, and asked Andrew about the rest of it. To Andrew’s credit, the script almost worked without. To his further credit, it worked even better with.

Next weekend is PAX East so it’s time for a reminder that Graham, Kathleen, James and I will be in attendance for the entire duration of the con. We’ll have a table in band-land, and we’ll work to arrange a meetup at one point or another (though we’re not sure when or where yet), and we’ll also have panels! Here’s the details!



We hope to see you there!