A New Maiden
September 26th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

A late update this week due to me (Kathleen) being out of town. Without further ado, here are this week’s videos!

Loading Ready Run: A New Maiden
Unskippable: Atelier Meruru, Part One
CheckPoint: Disputed Borders and Lands
Feed Dump: A Rifle is Forever

Loading Time and our most recent bonus videos continue to be about our recent trip to Seattle. Loading Time covers the behind the scenes action at the Kris and Scott Scott and Kris Show, while this week’s bonus video is our ENTIRE PAX PANEL, shot by Sarah Mendiola and Jason Chinnock, then lovingly edited together by Sarah. We love you guys so much.

Loading Time: #KSSKLive
Bonus Video: LRR Panel @ PAX Prime 2012

And now this, because I like it.


A Warning
September 17th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

This Monday’s once again sees us bringing you three delicious videos.

Loading Ready Run: A Warning
Unskippable: Inversion
CheckPoint: Mixed Martial Boobies

Last week’s Feed Dump and Loading Time are also online. They can be found here.

Feed Dump: Sausage Cozies
Loading Time: Fairy Decent

But wait you say, “what if I want to see a LoadingReadyRun video about cards?” We got that for you too. In case you missed it, here’s our very special Return to Ravnica card reveal video for Mercuial Chemister.

But wait you say, “cards are fine… I guess… But what if I want to see a video thats about the place I would buy a card, not about the cards themselves.” Ignoring the obvious questions of why you’re asking for something so specific, unbelievably we can actually help you out there. The fake ad Graham helped put together for Card Kingdom is now online!

In fact, due to the wonderful and lovely Sarah, the entire Thursday night Kris and Scott live show is online for your YouTube viewing pleasure. LRR is in there a few times, but the whole show is amazingly hilarious. Thanks again to Kris and Scott for inviting us, and to Sarah for doing all the hard work of filming it and getting it online.

I am now officially out of videos to post. For those of you that crave more information, here’s a Jerk City cartoon. It took so long to find one that wasn’t totally awful.

In all seriousness though, thanks to everyone who came out to see Graham and Paul at the Escapist Expo in Durham this past weekend. They both had a blast, rating the conference “A++, would dance at again.”

Official Return to Ravnica Preview Card!
September 12th, 2012

Posted by Graham

The kind folks at Wizards of the Coast have given us our own real, actual Return to Ravnica preview card!

Check it out, as we painfully slow-roll the reveal in this video:

Fairy Godparent
September 10th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

This monday’s three fresh videos are:

Loading Ready Run: Fairy Godparent
Unskippable: The Witcher 2, Part 2
CheckPoint: Games for Windows, or Not 

For your additional viewing pleasure, the most recent Feed Dump and Loading Time are:

Feed Dump: The Leaning Henge of Rome
Loading Time: Put it on McDebit

I’d like to think that even if Labyrinth style Goblin King abductions were a possibility (they are not, due to budgetary reasons) Jareth would be pretty unimpressed with the main character of this video.

“Maybe just leaver her in the oubliette,” he would say.

As always, if you have questions about this week’s LRR video, leave them in the comments so I can make sure they get covered in this week’s Loading Time article!