Desert Bus and lots of video updates!
November 26th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

As many of you might have noticed, last week was Desert Bus. Six days and eight hours worth of madness, challenges, prizes and gifs. So many gifs.

So much happened I didn’t have time to update the blog at all, but now it’s back with a super, ultra-special DOUBLE SIZED blog post.

This weeks (slightly late) LRR video was Desert Power, a parody of Kanye West’s song power, a video that both nicely encapsulates the week’s memes and serves as a handy visual indicator of just how many people are needed to run Desert Bus for Hope. Short answer — A LOT!

Now I want to play Saints Row 3.

If you’re missing Desert Bus, the incredible video strike and spreadsheet team did an amazing job of noting everything exciting, then uploading videos of it to YouTube. Highlights from the entire run are available here.

The week before was the third episode of season three of Rapidfire, in which we learn more about everyone’s favourite ineffectual pitchman.

Comedy so fast neutrinos have a hard time keeping pace.

Of course, while you were waiting to watch the latest LoadingReadyRun video, you should have been watching Unskippable. This week Graham and Paul tackled Soul Calibur V, and last week’s episode was Starhawk.

Feed Dump also continues, although we missed an update last week due to a silly mistake. Turns out I saved that episode of Feed Dump to my hard drive instead of the shared LRR drive, and we didn’t realize it wasn’t there until Wednesday, when we saw there was no Feed Dump. Desert Bus strikes again! The most recent episode is Bigfeets, and the show will be back to its regular weekly updates this week.

Finally we have Eternal Lawsuit, the last episode of CheckPoint for 2012. It’ll be back in January, don’t worry!




November 16th, 2012

Posted by Graham

(Desert Bus 3 in America)

It’s that time again! Desert Bus is upon us.
Come watch us at as we put ourselves through merry hell, 24 hours a day, for at least 5 straight days, raising money for Child’s Play.

We’ve got some amazing prizes this year, so watch and maybe you’ll win something!

More Rapidfire! Season 3, episode 2
November 12th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

Rapidfire continues with our second episode, Take the Shot!

Comedy so fast even cheetahs are like “dang dude, can you slow down?” 

Of course, other videos from this week:

CheckPoint: More Features We Won’t Wii-Use
Feed Dump: Drug Lobsters
Loading Time: Raindrops Keep Falling
Unskippable: Armored Core V


Rapidfire Season 3
November 5th, 2012

Posted by Kathleen

As many long-time LRR fans will notice, today’s video is the first episode in Season 3 of Rapidfire!

“But,” I hear you saying, “I’ve been watching for years and I haven’t seen the first two seasons… and aren’t you guys in your ninth or tenth season? What is this Rapidfire thing?”

Good question strawman! Rapidfire is the name for a series of videos that take our traditional “one sketch per video format” and replace it with a sketch that is itself, a series of sketches.

Comedy so fast theoretical physicists have a real problem with it. 

Inspired by the seminal The Fast Show, Rapidfire combines one-off jokes and re-occurring characters that go from episode to episode, and then intercuts them with the longer mini-sketches that serves as the frame for a specific video (this week it was the ongoing trials and tribulations of the world’s least sensitive Angel, Gabrielle.)

You can look forward to seeing some old LRR characters like Kane and Crowthorne coming back — handy, since it lets us re-use popular characters that can’t really support another full sketch — and new characters invented just for Rapidfire, such as “Worst Spokesperson Ever”.

The first season of Rapidfire aired between June and December 2006, and the second season aired between September  and December 2008.

Of course, we did put up some other videos this week too.

CheckPoint: The Price of Progress
Feed Dump: Machete Party Crasher
Loading Time: On the Case of Cats
Unskippable: Lollipop Chainsaw


Rapidfire is back.