The Straight Dope on CMN
January 31st, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone it’s Thursday, and that means a new Loading Time. More new content!

This week’s video was CMN, a rather dirty sounding, but cleanly intended name for our take on the Home Shopping Channel. The Couch Mall Network is of course, it’s weirder, grosser, ethically questionable cousin. I’m in a wig, which is always annoying. If anyone has any like… good wigs and want to donate them to us, shoot me and email. Seriously. Our wigs always start out looking like a cross between a member of whitesnake and an angry chinchilla.

Anyhow, on to the good part of the Loading Time update — the trivia!

  1. The only credit I forgot to change was editing… It should say “Kathleen De Vere and Graham Stark”
  2. Why are Graham’s scrubs green in the loading time, but grey in the final product? Green screen filters.That sort of thing can be fixed with After Effects masks, but it’s an involved process that I don’t know how to do yet.
  3. The video was supposed to be called The Straight Dope, but I titled the Final Cut project CMN. For some reason the file was named “The Straight Dope” but when opened and played it was labeled as CMN. Stupid Final Cut.
  4. The Line Wrangler credit means “holding the teleprompter” — those lines were far too long and complex for even Graham to memorize.
  5. This was perhaps inspired by the whole Lance Armstrong “thing”, but mainly because Graham looked up just exactly what blood doping was and thought, even by itself, the process was so ludicrous it would make a good video.
  6. If you’re here from The Escapist, thanks for watching. We have a bunch of other neat content to check out in our Videos section.

P.S. — the latest episode of Graham, Brad and Paul try to slog through Cursed Crusade is online!

Wednesday Updates!
January 30th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Wednesday everyone! A quick update to let you know about the newest Feed Dump: Trains, heads and lobsters. A sad tale of dashed expectations that doesn’t include any adorable animals. Unless you think lobsters are cute.

I'm Graham!

I’m just as disappointed as you that all this stuff is real.

We also put up our bi-weekly comedy draft over on MTGO Academy. You won’t learn how to play magic, but you will probably laugh as Graham and I attempt a Storytime draft… AKA what essentially boils down to a long dick joke.

Weird wobbly deer will forever remind them of their first date

Weird wobbly deer will forever remind them of their first date

Look at this deck! It’s actually really good. I don’t know what happened. 



Buy yourself something nice
January 28th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Monday everyone! It may be the middle of winter, and stuff may be mostly grey, brown and white outside, but inside we’ve got a fresh new batch of LoadingReadyRun videos to help brighten your day.

First up is CMN, our take on the useless products that are normally sold for way too much money via TV. I have no idea how we came up for the idea for this video, but I can assure you, once we started working on the dialogue everyone was laughing. And shuddering.

Watch now and we’ll throw in six extra laughs for free! Offer not valid.

Next up is this week’s CheckPoint. With Atari selling off its assets, maybe we can finally get into the game business after all. And realistically, what else is Atari even doing. In addition, EA tries its hand at the educational market, and Nintendo is good at making Nintendo games.

Rawr, I'm a bear.

If Minecraft can be “educational” I’m sure SimCity can be too.

Unskippable heads back to Pandora this week for Borderlands 2. I had not realized how ridiculous the opening cut-scene to this game was, so I suggest you go check this episode out. It’s also really funny!

Guys, are we ready to  face Handsome Jack’s chin? We might need more guns.

Finally, as you can see in our shiny, new carousel (I think that’s the technical term for that video switchy thing) that Episode 19 of Cursed Crusade is also online. We’re getting into the home stretch here folks.

Loading Time and Cursed Crusade No. 18
January 24th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

It’s Thursday, which means the latest episode of Loading Time is up! Taking you behind the scenes of Junk in the Trunk, this week’s episode reveals how we were able to roll the car down the ramp, and just how we actually recorded the long driving scene. It’s also the last week Loading Time and its associated columns will appear on The Escapist. From now on, they’ll be found here, on the LoadingReadyRun blog and on our YouTube channel. Watch the episode below, and read my column here.

Speaking of YouTube, that’s also where the the Graham and Paul Let’s Play videos reside. We just put up Episode 18 of Cursed Crusade, marking the three quarters point (!) through that wretched game. Enjoy Graham, Paul and Brad’s suffering below.

Finally I have a neat milestone to report! The LRR YouTube channel has racked up more than 4 million lifetime views! Thanks for your support everyone!


Dump those Spiders
January 23rd, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Short update today, but it comes with good news! The latest Feed Dump is online! Featuring Alex, Graham and myself, this was the episode that time I forgot… Until midnight last night. That was fun.

Wait, you mean to tell me the hat market will be screwed after this episode?