First World Problems
February 25th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

This week’s LRR video explores what many would call “First World Problems.” Filtergram is a video about making new pictures look old and bad by applying filters. For some reason, a whole culture of photographers has embraced this technique for food, which usually serves to make the food look unappetizing in the picture.

Oh yes, tell me more about the quiche you bought for lunch from a food truck. I am riveted!

This week’s Unskippable is so large and… unskippable… Graham and Paul have expanded it to a two parter! Tales of Graces f (part one) gives us a classic JRPG story: boy meets girl, girl is mentally deficient somehow, boy doesn’t care, boy runs into other girl, hijinks ensue, etc, etc.

Don’t mind me, just sleeping in a meadow like a hobo. A cute anime hobo. 

Finally this week’s CheckPoint breaks down the PS4 reveal into bite-sized bits of snark.

At this point, is Arnold Palmer more famous for the golf thing, or the iced tea and lemonade thing? 


The classiest Feed Dump yet
February 20th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Tonight, Graham embraces the collared shirt, I pull my hair out of my face and Paul looks gorgeous.

Welcome to Top Gear Feed Dump: Twins, Twins and Tamogatchis.

Like James May, without the sofa fabric masquerading as a shirt.


Actually, lets not do a Harlem Shake
February 18th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

I kind of love the stereotype versions of ourselves we play in Commodore Hustle. Paul is a talented, but insane mad scientist, James is practical but sarcastic, I’m super motivated, but only by money, and Graham is both dumb and brilliant. We trot them all out for you to enjoy in this week’s Commodore Hustle, Harlem Shake! There’s even a bonus Geoff!!

Anyhow, if you’re going to be this late to the Harlem Shake meme, you better subvert it. Or not actually do one at all.

So, you’re telling me my idea isn’t practical, scientifically sound or even ethical? I don’t see what the problem is.

Unskippable this week is the brilliant XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As Graham and Paul say in the video: Spoiler! It’s aliens.

Now get out there and die–I mean… Actually, let’s not sugar coat it. You’re probably going to die. Go XCOM!

Finally this week’s CheckPoint episode Litigation is Magic seems to have stirred up some controversy in the Brony community. Do you think Hasbro should have shut down the fan-made fighting game MLP: Fighting is Magic? We weren’t surprised, but some viewers weren’t very happy we told them they shouldn’t have been surprised by the takedown either.

Watching 10 minutes of hot lady action as in Tomb Raider! Wait, what are you implying? 


The end of the most Cursed Crusade
February 15th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

They came, they saw, they realized this game was actually really, really long and really boring and really bad. Plot as flimsy as the construction of the first sentence in this blog post bad. Just awful in every single way. Graham, Brad and Paul suffered through sweat, tears, various itches and minor chaffing to bring you this epic, ridiculous 24 part lets play video that concludes with today’s update.

Now, I realize Cursed Crusade isn’t a very good game. It may not even be a game in the traditional sense, unless the game you are actually playing is “how long can I play without attempting to beat myself to death with the 360 controller?” But still, this is likely a momentous occasion. Has anyone else ever actually played this game to completion? No! All other potential Cursed Crusade finishers were declared mad for attempting the task, the trials of Graham, Paul and Brad serving as a potent warning to others. However, when we make great sacrifices (in this case at least three separate butt cramps), we must also strive to learn things from those sacrifices in order to use our pain to benefit humanity as a whole. It’s what Ghandi would have done.***

Things we learned from Cursed Crusade:

  • Stay positive! Set your awful game up for a sequel even though half the development staff probably resigned due to shame before it was finished.
  • A good game doesn’t need character development if its really long. The longer the characters stay around, the more the player gets attached to them.
  • Don’t confuse players with too many distinct environments. Keep things nice and uniform so they can really feel immersed in your world.
  • Start with a tantalizing framework of historical accuracy, then throw it all out the window in favour of a poor implemented supernatural element that breaks the game’s internal logic. People love that shit.

Anyhow, the whole playlist for the wretched game is here.

*** It is absolutely not what Ghandi would have done. He would have put down the controller and left the house to do something useful. He probably also would have asked “what the hell is this? You have future technology and THIS is what you show me?”


Happy Valenbrines Day!
February 14th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Today, on Top Gear Valenbrines Day, Graham gets mad, James films in a shop and and I buy a card.

Yes! Today is the most romantic day of the year! Valenbrines Day! The day young friends, lovers and the romantic at heart surprise each other with tender gifts of picked onions, exchange bouquets of dill and make homemade pickled herring for one another! So lovely and salty! We here at LoadingReadyRun are celebrating Valenbrines Day by bringing you not one, but two fresh new videos!

First up is the latest Loading Time, which details how we filmed our X Ways to Y Valentines (the inferior cousin of Valenbrines Day) video:

Here’s some trivia!

  • I am not really in this because I was getting the boom (which we forgot at the office) and the Valentines Day card prop at the same drug store James and Paul were in. They saw the boom and asked me if I was with the group who were filming earlier. I lied and said no. That’s my natural trouble-maker’s instinct kicking in.
  • Those plastic roses have seen better days. They were shedding little bits of green plastic everywhere.
  • Neither Alex or Paul drink, but they were both OK with eating the vodka-soaked ice cream. There is probably a way to exploit this loophole.


Today also brings us the PENULTIMATE episode of the GPLP for Cursed Crusade. The best part about the game at this point is just listening to how angry Graham is. This game is making him hulk out.