Post-Pax updates and lots of videos!
March 28th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a good weekend, and if you were in attendance, a great PAX. Big conventions come with big dumps of content, particularly two panels that Graham, James and I were on!

First up is the Strip Search Q&A panel, filmed by Strip Search camera operator, Sarah Mendiola!

Next is the VERY NSFW Escapist Blankey Blank panel, in which Susan Arendt, Dan Amrich, Chris Kohler, Russ Pitts, Kyle Orland and Graham and I all compete to be disgusting under the guise of recreating the classic game show, The Match Game. Mature language warning.

Finally, the LRR panel was livestreamed over (yah!!!) so an archive of that panel can be found on the Twitch website. UPDATE: LINK FIXED, NOW GOES DIRECTLY TO THE LRR PANEL. Thanks to Dezufnocosem!

Of course, we can’t forget the actual videos we put up this week:

LoadingReadyRun: The Whole Story – Pants

Unskippable: Hitman: Absolution

CheckPoint: The Origin Hackshack

Feed Dump: Bacon Taco Badges

Loading Time: The Theatre of the Mind


March 19th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to touch your hands to our hands? You shouldn’t! We’re covered in so many germs! But if you insist, you should come and see us at PAX East!!

Graham, James and Kathleen will all be in Boston, so if you’re attending (the sadly, sold out convention), please come and see us. But where can you see us? Here’s a list of all the times and places that LoadingReadyRun will be:

1. The LoadingReadyRun booth in Bandland! We’ll try to keep to pretty regular hours here. Please stop by!

2. If we’re not at our booths, we could be at a panel! Specifically these:

The LoadingReadyRun Panel
Friday, Mar. 22
7:00 – 8:00 PM

Late Breaking Fun! Can’t make it to the panel? 
It will be live-streamed on the official PAX channel!

The Strip Search Panel
Friday, Mar. 22
2:30 – 3:30 PM
(Just Graham)

The Blankety Blank Game Show Panel
Friday, Mar. 22
8:30 – 9:30 PM
(Graham and Kathleen and TONS of other funny people!)

The Improv Initiative 2!
Sunday, Mar. 24
12:00 – 1:00 PM
(Watch Graham do improv!!!)

3. Other important stuff! We’re helping our friends at Wizards of the Coast with the Chandra’s Quest PAX East game! For more information on the game, and the awesome prize you can win, visit the article on Daily MtG that lays it all out.

Halo 4, D&D and some Indulgent Kickstarter rewards…
March 18th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Monday everyone!

This week, I write not as Kathleen, but as some sort of low budget, internet based Robert Rodriguez. This week’s LRR video, The Theatre of the Mind is like… totally a Kathleen De Vere Joint. I wrote it. I was in it. And then I edited it. I now hate it and never want to watch it again. It also has Jer, so there are SOME redeeming qualities.

J’accuse! J’accuse!!

This week’s CheckPoint is Five Servings of Zombie. Turns out the DayZ developers want you to try and make healthy choices, even when your life is on the line. Dudes, last night I was feeling so lazy I didn’t want to order take-out. I just stayed home and made myself a single serving style bowl of plain brown rice for dinner. All I had was some mild cramps. Put zombies into the equation and I’d probably end up eating toilet paper.

Playing as bowser makes Mario’s actions look suspiciously like murder.

And finally, the funniest video in our Monday update cue is Unskippable: Halo 4. It’s funniest because I didn’t write it or edit it. All the jokes were fresh the first time. And Graham and Paul really do raise some good points about why a computer needs to use a computer to see what is up with the ship that it ostensibly is controlling.

Halo 4: Not the only game with revolutionary old-person face technology.

The Return of Friday Nights!
March 15th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

Yes! Friday Nights has returned! There’s really not much to say here… Go watch the video! (Which is hosted on the WizardsMtG YouTube Account, not the LoadingReadyRun one, so if you’re interested in Friday Nights and you’re not a WizardsMtg subscriber, be sure to check back here for more updates.) Future episodes will be coming monthly, and they’ll appear here and on Daily MtG.

As fans of the first four episodes will have no doubt noticed, the whole cast has gotten brand new personalized Magic Cards as part of the intro, with all new pictures abilities and flavour text. We’ve also added a certain gentleman by the name of Cameron Lauder to the opening titles. If you’re part of the Cam Fan-Club, you may celebrate now.

Of course, you can’t really read the cards all that well, so every time we put up a new episode, I’ll put up a new one of the cast cards. I’ll start with Graham, but I’ll reveal the next one according to a popular vote decided by the comments on this blog post.


Fill this man with cream, yeah! Oh fill this man, fill this man, fill this man with cream!

Midweek Madness!
March 13th, 2013

Posted by Kathleen

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for more coffee… wait, no… I got this. It means Feed Dump, a new LRR Draft and a new episode of Strip Search. Phew!

First up, you finally get to see what Mike and Jerry are up to in Strip Search — they’re the ones judging the elimination contests! Treading a nice line between funny and scary.

If Magic is more your speed, check out the latest LRR Draft over at MTGO Academy, where James and Graham try for Simic, and amazingly it works. Mostly. Pretty well actually.

Finally, Graham, Paul and Kathleen take on some lightly expired Korean snack cakes in this week’s Feed Dump: Gorillas, UFOs and Pie.

Well worth whatever he paid. As long as it wasn't too much.
“Fresh” is stretching the truth, to be honest.

Now here’s something. The slogan of these pies is “It’s Now!” PSY had a hit song called Right Now. I think Koreans might just like urgency. Everything is better if you do it NOW? Here’s that PSY video. Decide for yourselves.