Heroically Stupid
February 26th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

It’s almost Born of the Gods game day, and that means the latest episode of Friday Nights: Hero’s Path is up. In The Ordeal, Alex tries to improve the mechanics of Born of the Gods, and Kathleen (despite her aversion to green) goes lone wolf! Will her gamble pay off? We’ll have to wait until Born into Nyx to find out!

If you missed the previous Hero’s Path episodes of Friday Nights, you can find them in our video archives and on the official WizardsMTG YouTube channel.

Also updating today is CheckPoint+. This week’s episode is 3D Realms Flails Wildly. Turns out 3D Realms aren’t just bad at making video games. They’re also bad at understanding contracts, the law, legal precedent… that sort of thing.

Remember, if you like CheckPoint, you can see us do it live every week on our Twitch channel! The show starts at 2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern/10 pm UK and 9 am AEST every week.

Also this week, Feed Dump! Kathleen returns to the couch in Thy Name is Dick Pic, and she’s got two new (to Feed Dump) co-hosts! Long-time LRR fans may recognize these dumpers! Can you name them?

Monday Math Made Easy
February 24th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s video takes us back to the old days. The old days of school bullies and math problems in 1980s movies. When nerds were nerds and jocks were… also nerds? I may need to work on this metaphor a bit. Anyhow, Math of the Montage finally proves* that if you want to do something right, you better be prepared to montage!**

Speaking of hard work, this week on Unskippable, Graham and Paul are taking on the ever upbeat Lightning in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Like all good Final Fantasy games, it’s the end of the world. Wouldn’t you know it, Lightning feels fine. You just can’t tell from her tone of voice. Not much for emoting that girl. She’s Stoic. Unknowable. Wooden. That last one isn’t so good really, but there you have it.

Speaking of video games, don’t forget to watch CheckPoint+ Live on our Twitch channel today! The show starts at 2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern/10 pm UK and 9 am AEST! And remember, if you can’t watch us do the episode live, there are full replays on Twitch and our YouTube channel as well! Check out last week’s episode, PokemonSpamsTwitch.

*Ha! Math! Proves! Get it? It’s clear that I’m a professional.

** You should also be prepared to work hard and all that other junk, because montages are really time consuming to film.

Cold Fear… Cold Olympics!
February 17th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Monday all!

This week’s LRR videos have a theme running through them. Cold!

See, it’s both seasonally appropriate (since it’s winter) and sympathetic to everyone stuck on the East coast, which is still a “winter wonderland.” I put that phrase in quotation marks because in my experience the only people who like months of unending snow, ice and cold are jerks/sociopaths/snow shovel enthusiasts. And whatever they are, they’re not to be trusted. Their unnatural love of snow means they are extremely likely to pelt you in the head with a snowball. Which they will do at both high speed and frequency in the name of “enjoying this glorious weather.” Like I said, jerks.

Anyhow, this week on Unskippable, Graham and Paul take us all the way back to the PS2 era with Cold Fear! When a whole team of highly trained tactical commandos is taken out by boat zombies, it’s time to deploy the greatest weapon known to mankind. A man in a vest!

Wait… it’s nukes?

OH! We were supposed to use nukes?

Crap, that dude in a vest is probably screwed.

This week’s LRR video also deals with a chilly subject – the Winter Olympics! Are you enjoying cheering for your country as its finest athletes hurl themselves down mountains in a contest to see who can injure themselves the worst? Ever wonder why the Winter Olympics are a fun contest of sport and not some sort of terrible prison penance reserved for humanity’s greatest monsters? Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer is here to give you… The Whole Story.

And finally yesterday was our first “group stream” on LoadingReadyLive. We all played Minecraft and were vexed by chickens.  If you missed it, you can watch the whole replay on the LRL YouTube Channel. As a reminder, you can find all sorts of replays and other goodies on the LRL channel, so if you don’t want to watch our streaming sessions via Twitch, be sure to head on over there and subscribe.

You asked, we delivered! LRR-themed sleeves and playmats!
February 10th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

As you are probably aware, we play… a lot of Magic. And if you play Magic, you’re probably wondering why we haven’t offered any of our own Magic inspired merchandise. But wonder no more! After a bunch of testing and samples, we are thrilled to finally offer LRR playmats and card sleeves for sale!

If you’re looking for a classy playmat, we have you(r table) covered. Choose from either a simple LRR logo design, or the OCD special ‘Diagram’ version.

These are the same quality of playmat you’d find in your local game shop! This is a standard mat that measures 60 cm wide x 35 cm high (23.5 wide x 13.75 inches). Both playmats clock in at a cushiony 3mm thick.

But of course, if you want to protect your cards with a playmat, you’ll also want sleeves right? We have those! These high quality sleeves (we tested them a bunch before we were willing to sell them) come in a universally applicable “I Think We’re Just Dead Here” design. Please note, these sleeves come in bundles of 200 – that’s enough for two commander decks, three standard decks, five draft decks or half a cube!

You can also order a combo playmat and sleeve pack that comes with the playmat of your choice and 100 sleeves! All available in the LRR Store!




I will use my Godlike powers for good, instead of just poorly paced cutscenes
February 9th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

It’s Monday, and that means a whole new crop of internet videos directly mined from our deep vein of hilarity. Eventually someone’s going to get “comedian’s lung” from working in the joke mines, but that’s just ONE of the hazards we here at LoadingReadyRun are prepared to endure in our quest to bring you the freshest sketches every week.

This week, we hit a political note with the Kathleen-written sketch Flat Out. What do you do when you’re a fringe political party and you’re looking to improve your electoral chances? The Flat Earth party has hired a fancy consultant… but even the fanciest consultant can’t make the impossible happen.

This week on Unskippable, Graham and Paul riff the second half of The Guided Fate Paradox. What do you do if you become God? Well, according to this game, NOTHING INTERESTING. Luckily, Graham and Paul make up for the lack of action with plenty of jokes.


Before I go, a couple of streaming reminders! If you’re interested in just what is going to happen in Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, you’re in luck! Kathleen will be streaming it all day tomorrow in celebration of it’s launch. She’ll be firing up Twitch as soon as she can get to the moonbase after buying her copy of the game.

Lighting Returns!
Tuesday, Feb. 11 2014
10:30 am Pacific/1:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm UK

And if you like things that are spoopy/spooky/scary/dumb? Well, you’re in luck if you like those things, because Alex and Kathleen are going go be really scared playing a scary video game! That’s right! It’s time for the Kickstarter Let’s Nope!

To recap, one of our Kickstarter reward tiers was basically “Alex and Kathleen freak out playing a scary game.” So why are we calling this broadcast a ‘Let’s Nope’? Well Alex and Kathleen are the two jumpiest, most easily scared crew members. They are not super excited about this. We are therefore, broadcasting this playthrough live on Twitch for your amusement.

So when is the Let’s Nope, and how can you watch? Just go to our Twitch channel on:

Saturday, Feb. 15 2014
4:00 pm Pacific/7:00 pm Eastern/Midnight UK/11:00 AM Sunday AEDT