It’s been a busy summer!
June 10th, 2015

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone, long time no blog. How are you doing? What have you been up to? Have you seen the mountain of content we’ve been putting out lately? No?! Well! It’s time to catch up then!

First of all, we hit the $10,000 tier on our Patreon. We can’t even begin to express how much that means to us here, but your support is amazing and we are so thankful for it. The patreon money has allowed us to do lots of cool things and put in some improvements, AND very relevantly to you, now that we’ve hit the we’re now putting together monthly Loading Time digests. The very first one has just gone up!

As you can see, we’re still super busy, putting out lots of weekly content. We’re still doing CheckPoint every Monday live on Twitch, and if you can’t catch it live you can catch up with it on our YouTube channel.

Feed Dump is also still going strong. We’re up to episode 208(!) and while we did briefly run out of hats, we’re not out of jokes about spiders!

In addition to our regular podcasts, Tap Tap Concede and The LRRcast, there’s also our two new Podcasts — the Magnum Rewatch Podcast with Graham and Kathleen and Fight the Future with Paul and Dan. You can subscribe to both of those on iTunes, but you can also catch them on YouTube now!

Finally, we’ve been putting up lots and lots of Crapshots. So many crapshots.


The Shave


The Vine


The Decklists


The Reno