LRR Load-Bearing Gratitude Wall
December 8th, 2015

Posted by Paul

Hey Everyone! As you may have heard, LRR is going to be moving to a new office in January. The new office, dubbed The LRR Orbiting Underground Moonbase Delta is going to be bigger, nicer and have much more room for activities, such as AFK streaming. Our ability to make this move is due in no small part to our amazing Patreon contributors and so we wanted to show our appreciation by immortalizing our more generous supporters on what we are calling the LoadingReadyRun Load-Bearing Gratitude Wall.

Anyone who has supported the LRR Patreon for at least $150 in total by February 2016 will be included on the wall and their names will be remembered for all time (or at least until the Moonbase is destroyed by rampaging moon monsters). Incidentally, if you have pledged at least $10/month to the patreon since we started it in December 2014, you don’t have to do anything. You will have pledged a total of $150 by February 2016 and therefore be automatically included.


Note: When we made this plan, we assumed that your total contributions to a patreon campaign would be easily viewable on your user page. Sadly, it turns out that you have to add the months up manually. For your convenience, I have made a little bookmarklet that will automatically add up your contributions to all the patreon campaigns that you support. You can read more about it and get it from my blog: Patreon Pledge Totals