AFK: Tabletop Day 2016
April 30th, 2016

Posted by Paul

That’s right! April 30th is Tabletop Day and to celebrate we are going to spend all day streaming a selection of awesome tabletop games from our AFK studio! What games, you ask? Check out this schedule:


1:00-2:30: D&D Legend of Drizzt
2:40-3:00: Love Letter
3:10-4:00: Citadels
4:10-5:00: Dixit
5:10-6:00: Discount Salmon
6:10-7:30: Cards against Humanity
7:40-End: Secret Hitler

All times PDT and keep an eye on this post or Twitter for any schedule changes.

It all starts April 30, 2016 at 1:00pm PDT on our Twitch Channel

LoadingReadyRun Streams REFRESH!
April 28th, 2016

Posted by Graham

lrr streams-02

Hello all!

At our PAX East 2016 panel, we previewed an upcoming revamp to our live streaming schedule. We’re super excited the changes, and we think you will be too!

Before I tell you all about how it’s all going to look, let me tell you about why! We run our channel like a little TV network, with certain shows at certain times, over the course of a week. This works really well for some shows, but for other content, it’s not really the right delivery mechanism. Watching a single streamer complete a game over a course of months, divided into 3-hour, weekly chunks, isn’t the way people most want to consume streaming content. This was backed up by viewership data, and your responses to our survey.

More importantly, it’s not playing to our strengths as entertainers. So we’re mixing it up!


lrrmtg checkpoint

Look, we like Magic, lots of you like Magic, so LRRMtG continues on Thursdays. CheckPoint also holds firm in its current Monday time slot. Mostly because, without the streaming aspect, we probably wouldn’t have time to produce the show. And yes, Kathleen WILL return!

nope and play

Alex’s Let’s NOPE! and Watch+Play with Alex and Graham aren’t going anywhere, except away from Friday night (you’ll see why, below). Instead they’re going to slide onto alternating Wednesday afternoons. That’s right, alternating… that means both shows are now every other week!

cts afk

This is exciting. Crossing the Streams (where a bunch of us play video games) and AFK (where a bunch of us play tabletop games), are some our most popular streams. We love doing them, and you love watching them. So now they’re both weekly, so you get to see more of everyone! Tentatively, Crossing the Streams is penciled in for midweek, on Wednesday evenings, and AFK will take over the Friday night slot. AFK will also regularly feature paper Magic.

rythym gamehaus

Okay, as we all know, I love LOVE the joke of Rhythm Tuesday always appearing on different days, but the name is actually super confusing to new viewers, and it’s not immediately funny enough to warrant that. So, to that end, it’s being rebranded as Rhythm Café, and it will continue to air with Ian and Heather, on midday Sundays. Adam’s Gamehaüs carries on midday Saturdays since we’re always filming during those hours anyway… shh, Adam! 😀

And now: WHAT’S NEW??

New LRL Slates- 18 games-01

James and Paul are going to host this experiment in streaming. Every Thursday at 9AM local time, they’re going to make note of whatever game is #18 on Twitch’s browse director… then at 11AM local time, they’re going to play that game. Whatever it may be!

New LRL Slates- new day-01

Tuesday is traditionally the day for new video game releases, so every Tuesday a rotating host or hosts will play whatever newly released game they’re excited about! The show is open-ended, so if everyone’s having a great time, it could go all afternoon.

New LRL Slates- talking sim-01

Games have a lot to say, but they’re not great at doing the talking, so Alex and Cameron are going to bring their unique perspectives on narrative, tone, art direction, and theme to this discussion of games as a medium. Every episode will feature an in-depth look at a specific game, while they play the game to help illustrate their points.

New LRL Slates- matters-01

Our resident Japan… “experts” Beej and Ian are going to fumble their way through an untranslated Japanese game, and discuss Japanese culture and trivia along the way. Matters of Import will alternate Monday evenings with…

New LRL Slates- ttsf-01

Ian is going to lead this hands-on DIY show that is not a “how to”, and more of a “let’s try”. Join Ian and various cohosts, as they attempt new crafting and DIY projects. First on the list: turning the old Moonbase bar fridge into a keg fridge, complete with tap!

New LRL Slates- loadingreadyLIVE-01

The flagship of our new streaming calendar, and also the show we can share the fewest details on, this group-written variety presentation is going to be completely different than other content we’ve tried, and we can’t wait to see if the damn thing even works. Also, it won’t have a name that is the same as our entire stream calendar and that Fringe show we did once, we just couldn’t think of a better working title!

We’re aiming to launch the new calendar with [working title variety stream] on Saturday May 14th… but we’ll see how that goes 😀


LoadingReadyRun @ PAX East
April 18th, 2016

Posted by james

Hey Everyone! This weekend in the great state of Massachusetts, in the city of Boston is PAX East and you better believe we’ll be there doing all sorts of stuff. Graham, James, Beej and Ian will all be on hand to delight you with our quaint Canadian ways.

Along with our presence in Bandland, you can find us all over the show partaking in panels, playing games and generally hanging out and chatting with all you lovely people. Below is a handy dandy graphic that lists all our panel appearances and showcases this years Pinny-Aracde Pin.

But first here is some other quick info not reflected below. On Saturday evening at 3:30 PT / 6:30 ET / 1:35 AM (Sunday Morning) Graham and James will be participating in Overwatch for the Watch. You can find all the relavent information HERE  and info for Team Gabe HERE and Team Tycho HERE. This is gonna be a really fun show, so be sure not to miss it. For those of you not attending PAX, don’t worry, the entire event will be broadcast live on Twitch and we’ll be sure to host on the LoadingReadyRun Twitch Channel. Next on the list is you’ll notice on the graphic below that Kathleen listed as a panelist for Game Show Night. That is an error, and Beej will be stepping in and filling that spot.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Boston this weekend. And for up to date info on our going ons, please be sure to follow LoadingReadyRun on Twitter @LoadingReadyRun


LRR Magic Content Update!
April 7th, 2016

Posted by Graham


Hey everyone! I just wanted to update you on two pieces of Magic content news.


• Firstly, Friday Nights! As you may have noticed, we haven’t had an episode since January. But rumours of Friday Nights’ death are greatly exaggerated.

Wizards has restructured their video content for 2016, so there will be fewer episodes than 2015—seven instead of eleven. There will be an episode very soon, in April, and then five others between June and December. Hopefully getting this down in writing will somehow stop people asking us, but I doubt it 🙂

• Secondly, our “wacky” draft videos for the good people at MTGOAcademy! We’ve discussed this a bit on LRRMtG streams, but just to get it on record, we’ve decided to stop producing these. This is purely because we’ve been having trouble finding time to record them, and we felt it was unfair to MTGOAcademy to continually short them and their viewers on promised content.

There’s certainly no hard feelings between us and MTGOA, and indeed, want to offer big thanks to AJ and Chris, for giving us the venue in the first place!

• James and I do intend to record MTGO drafts when we’re able, and put those on our own YouTube. Yes, we will do a new “Hat Draft” when Shadows Over Innistrad is released to MTGO 🙂

In the meantime, tune into LRRMtG every Thursday on our Twitch channel.

There you go! Any other questions? Hit us up on Twitter, or in the comments below.