A wild Commodore Hustle appears!
September 26th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

It’s now Fall, which means the sweltering heat of the day star is finally (probably) behind us! Celebrate a season that won’t give you swamp thigh by watching this brand new episode of Commodore Hustle! Ian convinces the crew to go on a team building exercise. What could go wrong?

If you crave more entertainment with our faces, the August Loading Time is also now online. See how much fruit we had to buy for the fruit bobbing pool we made up for LoadingReadyLive. Spoiler, it’s more than you might think. Double spoiler, the eggplant went unclaimed and rotted in the bottom of the moonbase fridge. We just got rid of it last week. It was an awful puddle of slime and mold.

Speaking of LoadingReadyLive, after taking a break due to the Kaladesh Pre-PreRelease (which is also online! Watch all 9.5 glorious hours on the LRR replays YouTube channel!), this week LoadingReadyLive will return this Saturday!

But while you’re waiting for Saturday, maybe watch the latest Feed Dump, or some crapshots? Maybe an episode of CheckPoint? We have a lot of content for you, is what I’m saying.

So, as always subscribe to us on YouTube to keep up with everything we’re doing!

Welcome to Kaladesh!
September 13th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

Welcome to filigree land!


If you like Magic, artifacts, and seeing cards early, (and really who doesn’t?) get hype for the Kaladesh Pre-Prerelease! Here’s everything you need to know in order to catch all the action!

WHEN: Sunday, September 18, NOON PDT
WHERE: Twitch.tv/LoadingReadyRun for live action, replay to be up on the LoadingReadyLive YouTube channel on Monday.*
WHO: Graham, Kathleen and Cameron once again wield cards for the LRR crew, but this time we’re joined by Adam, Megan and Maria from Magic the Amateuring, DailyMTG.com content manager Blake Rasmussen and TCGPlayer.com Content Director Adam “The Stybs” Styborski!

*YouTube Gods permitting

Post PAX Mini-Update!
September 8th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone!

We have returned from PAX and somewhat recovered from four days of madness. First up, thanks to everyone who came by, said hi, gave us gifts, attended our panels and just generally made us feel so loved and appreciated. We had a wonderful PAX and it was thanks to all of you. <3

If you weren’t able to come to PAX and are feeling like you missed out on all our panels, I have good news for you!

QWERPLine Live, the LoadingReadyRun panel and the Improv Initiative were all recorded, and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in the very near future. For those of you who subscribe to QWERPLine as a podcast, the audio-only version will also be going up soon.

The Late Night Dub Fight was also recorded, but if you want to see it, it’ll be going up on latenightdubfight.com!

And finally in non-PAX news… there’s a new Sidewalk Slam!