PAX South is over! Back to work!
January 31st, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everybody!

Another great PAX has come and gone, and as usual everyone’s high on feels and daytime cold medication. Graham and Ian have succumbed to the PAX pox, and Adam and James are being monitored for coughing, sneezing and blocked sinuses. So that’s fun.

Due to PAX, CheckPoint this week was more of a light chat about video game news, rather than a full evisceration of the idiocy of the game industry, but it was still fun. We’re scheduled to be back on track this week though — stay tuned for Watch + Play this week, the return of the Crapshoot and a new episode of LoadingReadyLive this week!

In the meantime, why not watch some of the videos we put up last week?

This week on Feed Dump, we consider what kind of effort it takes to become an Australian superhero.

Cameron, Graham and Alex talk about how Aether Revolt is shaking out in terms of highlander staples.

And we didn’t do a Crapshoot, but we did make this Crapshot.

January 26th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone!

It’s PAX South this weekend! So if you’re in the San Antonio vicinity (or are currently traveling to that vicinity) there’s a whole bunch of great LRR content to check out! If you want to come see Graham, James, Ian and Adam here are the panels they’re on this weekend.

Late Night Dub Fight
Friday, Jan 27, 9:00 pm
Armadillo Theatre

LoadingReadyRun Panel
Saturday, Jan 28, 5:00 pm
Falcon Theatre

In addition, there is a LoadingReadyRun panel in Bandland, which this year is located beside the main entrance and registration area.

Behold this handy map

But what if you’re not going to PAX South? Then you’ll definitely have time to watch all the content we’ve put out over the last week!
First up, it’s the glorious return of QWERPLINE!!!
After an unfortunate and unplanned hiatus, everyone’s favourite morning radio show is back, and… just as ridiculous as it always was. Derek is sent down on location and the Secret Pipesmen have a new infrastructure plan.

Next up, a fun little thing Graham put together, a highlight reel of him and Alex playing through Resident Evil 7. Warning, there are some spoilers here for the first few hours of the game. Also some pretty scary spoops. I asked Alex if the game lived up to the hype, and he gave it 4 brown trousers out of five!*

We also just did another (extra long) episode of LoadingReadyLive! This episode has everything you could possibly want — puppets, Beej wearing a hat, Jerry Maguire…

The always amazing Featherweight has animated a very weird Crapshot for us.

And the second live-written, recorded and edited Crapshot from our new stream The Crapshoot turned out real well. Good job team!

And Mei’s finally getting a legendary skin in Overwatch!

*We are absolutely never going to play this game in VR. Don’t even ask.

Blue Monday
January 16th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hello! Did you know today is “Blue Monday” — supposedly the most depressing day of the year?

I myself am a little bummed out because we had Molly Lewis and Ben Soileau visiting all week, but now they’ve gone back to the land of the Screaming Freedom Eagle, never to return (until the next time they visit.) At least I can look back at all the fun we had making videos and streaming stuff by checking out all the content we put up in the last week. (Note to self: what a segue!!)

It was the very first episode of The Crapshoot, our new Friday afternoon stream where we write, film and edit a Crapshot live on Twitch, and the finished product turned out amazing. Here’s what we (and you) came up with.

Molly and Ben also put their comedic talents to good use by joining us for Feed Dump, making some truly amazing Monty Python references while they were here.

We also mixed up the stream schedule a bit for this month to make sure Molly and Ben could join us for LoadingReadyLive, lending us incredible musical, sartorial, and drone-ical talents.

But that’s not all that went up this week! Our quarterly anime roundup podcast Anoani has returned with the 2017 winter season roundup!

The December Mail Time is also up. Someone sent us a hat that Graham refers to as “The Night Diddler”, so look forward to that.

And the Nintendo Switch press conference finally happened! We have facts now! And also a lot more questions. But mostly so many opinions to share with you on CheckPoint.

Happy New Year
January 9th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

It’s 2017! We did it everyone! We finally escaped what felt like 2016’s unending collection of bad news, celebrity deaths and dumpster fire jokes.

So we’ve decided to start off 2017 with a bang — all this week our friends Molly and Ben will be joining us for Twitch streams and other fun things! They’ll be stopping by Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, Watch + Play, LoadingReadyLive, and probably doing a ton of other cool things while they’re here!

And in other exciting news, we looked at the streaming calendar, thought “when don’t we stream?” and realized there was a hole on Friday afternoons. So we’ve decided to fill that hole with an exciting new show we think you’re really going to like.

So tune into our Twitch channel this Friday, January 13 at 1:00 pm PST (4:00 pm EST, 11:00 pm GMT, 10:00 am Tuesday AEDT, etc, etc) for a NEW STREAMING EXPERIENCE!

But what should you do while you wait for all the cool streams this week? Maybe check out some of the sweet videos we’ve put up recently.

Things start to get out of hand for Ian and James in the latest episode of Commodore Hustle!

Appropriately for the new year, we have a crapshot about the passage of time.

Another crapshot about the shifting landscape of standard.

A Feed Dump with an international flair.

And if you missed it, we the replay of the Aether Revolt Pre Pre-Release is now up for your enjoyment!

Thank you everyone for your support in 2016! We’re going to make 2017 even better!