Did you miss me?
September 26th, 2017

Posted by james


Apologies for the past several weeks of missed updates, turns out moving and then setting up a brand new Moonbase is a lot of work. With that said, after 6 long weeks of hard work and late nights, Moonbase Mk. 5 is fully operational. That isn’t to say it’s 100% complete, but for the sake of content creation and the production there of, we’re in a really good spot. I want to thank each and everyone one of you again for your support over these past few hectic months. Now that we’re in a good place with the office we can finally take a second to bre- what do you mean Desert Bus is less than 2 months away?!? Good Grief.

Let’s get down to the reason your here. VIDEOS!

Until the Loading Time for the Move comes out (and trust me, I saw the ‘almost’ final cut today, it’s really awesome and well worth the wait) the best way for you to get a good look at what Moonbase Mk. 5 looks like is this past weekends LoadingReadyLIVE. After a two month hiatus we’re so incredibly happy to be back making this show for you. We hope you enjoy it.

In the past month we also debuted a brand new Magic: The Gathering podcast called North 100. Join our very own Alex & Serge and local players Jeremy & Liam as they introduce you to the world of Canadian Highlander.

Of course it would be down right irresponsible of us not to address the move in the cHustle universe so we have you covered there as well.

When it comes to the Friday Nights universe we’re a little more forgiving of ourselves in regards to working in the move. So instead we completely ignore it and talk Pirates and Dinosaurs 😀

You continue to send us stuff in the mail, so Graham continues to open it in front of a camera. It’s Mail Time!

And just for good measure here is the latest we have to offer from the world of Feed Dump, CheckPoint and the last two Crapshots.

And that’ll do it. It’s good to be back. See y’all next week.