The most wonderful day of the year – October 3rd
October 3rd, 2017

Posted by james

Happy Mean Girls day everyone! If you don’t get that reference please go watch the movie Mean Girls immediately.

It’s October here in Victoria (I assume it’s October everywhere else, but I was taught never to assume) and October is great. The first full month of fall, the previously mentioned Mean Girls day and my birthday. Truly one of the greatest months of the year. We’ve been in Moonbase Mk.5 for 6 weeks now and it’s finally starting to really feel like a real Moonbase. If you haven’t done so yet I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Loading Time that dates back all the way to July 12th when we made our first proper site visit to the space that would become Mk. 5. It follows us through construction, packing, unpacking and building out our brand new space. It’s a really great watch, I promise.

This past week saw Feed Dump finally find it’s way to it’s new home in Studio C.

Beej joined in on Checkpoint once again this week with Graham and Paul. Stories on Assassin’s Creed, Nintendo Creators Program, Silicon Echoes, FIFA on Switch, and The Mini 64 thing!

And of course it wouldn’t be a week here at LoadingReadyRun without a good dose of Crapshots.

That’s that. Join us this Saturday for LoadingReadyLIVE, and of course we stream every day over at our Twitch Channel.

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