March 6th, 2018

Posted by james

Knock Knock open up the door, its the blog post.

Hello friends and welcome back for another installment of the weekly LoadingReadyRun blog post. And lets just jump into it.

Do you like YouTube videos? I hope so, that’s kind of our jam around these parts. First up we have the January edition of Mail Time. Lots of candy, your wonderful letters, and what we sincerely hope is the conclusion of a long running joke.

Next up we have the return of an oooooooold series, G-Drafts. Graham goes over a Rivals of Ixalan draft league, featuring some touch-and-go games, and the overwhelming power of vampires. I don’t believe you should come to expect these on a regular basis, but hey, you never know.

And let’s wrap up the video portion of today’s update with some good old Crapshots.

This past Saturday was LoadingReadyLAN 2.0 and we had an absolute blast! We played games for almost 13 hours. We at pizza and drank beer. We blew a fuse. Some games worked and others not so much, and we learned that under the current tech setup 6 PC’s might be a bit much. But most importantly everyone involved (viewers and players alike) had fun. So needless to say expect LoadingReadyLAN 3.0 to happen, and ideally later this year. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions feel free to hit us up on Twitter @LoadingReadyRun. For now you can look forward to our 3rd annual Tabletop Day stream which is scheduled for April 28th. Time TBA.

That’ll do it for this week. Everyone be kind to each other and we’ll catch you on the flippy flop.


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