Road Quest // The Panalysts HYPE!
May 12th, 2018

Posted by james

Hello friends

Coming at you with an update on a couple brand new projects we hope you have already heard of, but we’re EXTREMELY excited for both and thus want to make sure everyone knows about them.

First up let’s chat about Road Quest. This is a big one, possibly the biggest project we’ve ever take on. The scope is so large in fact we shot a proper proof of concept/pilot/tech test last month. I’ll let the video do some talking as well but here are the main points.

  • We leave on May 22nd for 10 days. Each day will be turned into a single episode, which we hope to start airing later this year.
  • We have a crew of 10. 6 Drivers divided across three cars, and 4 crew in the production vehicle.
  • No, I don’t know where we’re going… that’s one of the fun hooks of the show 😛
  • Yes you can support us! Head over to the Road Quest landing page on the site to get find a PayPal link and info on the two tiers you can choose to support us at.
  • Paul, Kathleen, Cameron, Heather and Cori will be holding down the fort back home and we are doing our best to keep our upload/stream schedule on track for while we’re away. Be sure to check out the Twitch Event Page in the next couple days to see what the plan is.

Lots more info can be found in the following video, we’d love for you to take the time to check it out.

Ok. That’s Road Quest. Now let’s chat about The Panalysts.

A few months back we decided to retire our weekly show Feed Dump. Many of you were sad to see it go, but we always knew it would live again in a new form.

First a little history. In October of 2006 Graham and Morgan launched a little show called The Whatever Thing. It was a fun show that lasted about a year, wrapping up in November of 2007. From the ashes of The Whatever Thing rose The Phailhaus. This show, while a fan favorite, wasn’t ever able to find it’s stride as a proper weekly show. Between February 2008 and March 2011 we aired 32 episodes, it would have been 33 but episode 29 was lost to the ether. Then, a short 2 months later Feed Dump was born. Originally hosted by Graham and then later taken over by Kathleen Feed Dump was the culmination of the shows that came before. Running for an incredible 7 years and 336 episodes this past February we decided to retire the show in order to bring something new into this world.

Enter The Panalysts. Our brand new weekly panel show. Influenced by our collective love for UK Panel/Quiz shows and hosted by Kathleen and a rotating cast of guests, join us every week as Kathleen asks the hard hitting questions everyone needs the answers to. As of this blog post we have released 3 episodes and we would LOVE for you to check it out. Bellow is the first episode but click here to be taken straight to the YouTube playlist.


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