Fear Itself
July 30th, 2012

Posted by Matt

This week’s video is here, and it is frightfully funny.

LoadingReadyRun: Fear Itself
Unskippable: DarkStar One: Broken Alliance
Checkpoint: Square Enix Versus Rumors
Feed Dump: Mugshots

This is one of those somewhat uncommon (recently) videos that was shot and prepared a full week in advance of release. Graham, James, and Kathleen were all out of town this weekend, so last week we did double duty and shot Jonny Four and Fear Itself on subsequent days. This particular video was shot at a couple of locations around Uvic, (a board-room in the Clearihue building, and the parking garage under the University Centre specifically), as well as back at our office. Despite the location changes, this shoot was pretty straightforward, but we made sure to get footage for a Loading Time episode, so you can plan to watch that on Thursday.

One other update from behind the scenes was that we held a major DesertBus Planning meeting this weekend (via Google Hangouts). The hangout proved super useful, actually, as we connected planners in five cities, between two provinces (and a state!) and carried it all off without any significant hitches. It also sounds super impressive to think that our planning crew now spreads this wide. Desert Bus is going to be awesome this year, guys. Seriously.

Cheers til next week!

Formal Complaint
December 12th, 2011

Posted by Matt

The week’s videos have been posted! You can find them below:

LoadingReadyRun: Formal Complaint
Unskippable: Dark Souls
Checkpoint: Game for Fashion

As noted at least once by our fans in the discussion threads for this video (here and here) this week’s sketch was inspired pretty heavily by Monty Python. Andy gives us some background:

I like to think of this video as an homage to Monty Python rather than a poor imitation of a Python sketch, because one is sophisticated and the other is sad. The long, quiet shot of the “A Bakery” sign is an especially nice touch from Graham, in my opinion. Some people may think that I wrote the bakery sketch first and then inserted the meta critic later on. That just goes to show that some people are wrong. The script, aside from some editing and looking up gorillas on wikipedia, flowed out just as it is seen here. Also, I realized too late that I’m pronouncing the second syllable of the word “banana” improperly re: my british dialect. There is no excuse for this and I should be publicly flogged.



The LRR crew returned from our trip to the Child’s Play Charity dinner in Bellvue, WA yesterday, where we met up with a whole bunch of our friends and had an all-around awesome time. Our friend Dikla snapped a bunch of great pictures of this snazzy shindig, and I’ve borrowed a couple to post below. We clean up ok!


The Tale of Matt Wiggins
November 28th, 2011

Posted by Matt

This week’s videos are online and ready to view. I recommend you do so.

LoadingReadyRun: The Tale of Matt Wiggins
Unskippable: Captain America
Checkpoint: The Glitchy Scrolls

So another Desert Bus draws to an end, and with it comes the requisite Desert Bus meme video. As an added bonus, this video also features the return of 64K, and of several faces you may not have seen in a while!

With Desert Bus now behind us I want to give one last shout out to everyone who helped make this expectation-shattering event such a huge success. From our friends and visitors, to our crafters and sponsors, to our viewers and donators, we could not have done this without every last one of you. Thank you all so much for your contributions to this event, and keep on being awesome! We hope you’ll be waiting at the station when the Desert Bus pulls up again next year!


November 14th, 2011

Posted by Matt

The week’s new videos are here, and ready for your viewing pleasure. Check ’em:

commodoreHUSTLE: Rarelywinter
Unskippable: Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel
Checkpoint: UbiHardball

This week’s update marks the fourth entry in our Wizards of the Coast-sponsored series of videos, and features the Neverwinter campaign setting. When we were offered the chance to feature this particular product, it seemed like the perfect excuse to bring back everyone’s favorite D&D group – so we looked to Dale, Ryan, and Jess to help us out with this one.

We shot this video in a single evening at Dale’s apartment. We were running on a pretty strict timeline for this one, so it meant getting everyone together for a night, and hammering it out. Some careful planning, preparation, and skillful boom-work (handled by Sir-not-appearing-in-this-picture, [read: me]) later, and this one was in the can.

If you haven’t yet had your fill of Dale, remember also that Desert Bus begins this Friday at 6PM. He’ll make an appearance or two I’m sure. I’m less sure about the planned attendance of Jess or Ryan, but keep your eyes on the video stream, because you never know who’ll turn up!

One final note: our Phases tee-shirts have arrived from the printer, and we will be shipping them out as soon as is feasible. I know the plan is to get them on the road before Desert Bus starts, but we’re still in the midst of Desert Bus prep, and it may just not be possible. We ask for your patience and understanding on this one, and we’ll do our best to get them to you ASAP.


Bright Ideas
May 2nd, 2011

Posted by Matt

Here’s a bright idea for you: watch our new video! you can find it here.

Truly I think this video outlines a problem I think we can all identify with. I’ll leave it to you to determine which problem that is, but I’m sure it identifiies one. This was a Kathleen-written video, which will likely come as a surprise to no one who watches it. I had nothing to do with the creation of this video though, so I’ve left it to Kathleen to fill in the blanks:

It is considerably ironic that I’m writing this note about Bright Ideas while Khaavren sits on my lap and purrs, considering I play a crazy cat lady in this video. However, you can tell I’m acting because I’m a crazy cat lady patent lawyer instead of a crazy cat lady sketch comedy person.

This video came about because I was trying to write a piece of marketing stuff for my job and I was really hitting a roadblock. Eventually my brain decided it would be more fun to think of incredibly inappropriate things instead of product features, so I came up with the idea for ‘poet-be-gone’. The rest of the video came out from there.

I really like Jer’s acting in this – rather than channel the standard high energy crazy person, I requested he keep it more muted. When I was writing this video, I imagined the inventor being played by Michael Palin in Vocational Guidance Councilor sketch. I think Jer knocked it out of the park.

Unskippable this week was Monster Hunter Tri. You can watch that here.

Finally, the Desert Bus for Hope 5 countdown clock has been started, and with it, you’ll find the details of the 2011 Desert Bus craft-along. Start your crafting engine by heading on over to desertbus.org and checking it out!