PAX South and Some Videos.
January 10th, 2018

Posted by james

Greetings one and all and welcome to the weekly blog update. Let’s get right down to business. 

As we mentioned in the previous post the first two weeks of 2018 are a little bit busy for us here at LoadingReadyRun. Ben, Beej and Ian just got back from MAGfest and it sounds like they had a great time as evidenced by this fantastic video by Ben.

There was two more of these, check his timeline 😀

While they were away, the rest of us remained here in Victoria and hosted the first Pre-PreRelease of the year. You can peep the entire Rivals of Ixalan event here.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. This weekend James, Graham, Beej and Cameron will be heading south to San Antonio, Texas for PAX South. Three day badges are sold out, but you can still pick up daily passes at the PAX website. We’ll be hanging out at our booth all weekend, but Friday is the day of both our panel as well as Graham sitting in on the Jackbox event.

With all that squared away let’s talk about some new stuff. This past Sunday we launched a brand new podcast called “Countdown to Infinity”. Join James and Matt (Yup, Matt’s back… in podcast form) as they watch and give their thoughts on every Marvel movie in the MCU. You can listen to it on YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts from.

MOVING ON! You should really watch this YouTube update video. We talk about all sorts of neat stuff, but most importantly is the return of D&D to the LoadingReadyRun wheelhouse. It kicks off this Monday, January 15th at 5:00PM. Prepare yourself for Dice Friends! More info in the video below.

And that should just about do it for this weeks update. Of course we have a ton of videos which you can find over on our YouTube Channel. You should head over there and make sure you’re subscribed. Till next week. BYE BYE.


New Year. Fresh Start… Kinda.
January 2nd, 2018

Posted by james

Hello and greetings friends, welcome to the first blog post of 2018. I won’t lie, the last several months of 2017 saw these posts too few and far between. BUT NO LONGER! It’s a new year and that means a fresh slate and endless opportunities. Which, while true for many of you isn’t so much the case for us. We here at LoadingReadyRun are starting 2018 off feet to the ground going 100 km/h (that’s 62.137119223733 mi/h to our dear American readers) So to kick off this year let’s see what we have going on.

This weekend is a double whammy!

If you happen to find yourself in National Harbor, Maryland this week then you might just run into Beej, Ben and Ian who will be attending this years MAGfest. These three beautiful boys will be running a booth all weekend long where you can find our most excellent merch. And as if that’s not enough they will also be hosting the LoadingReadyRun Q&A panel at 7:00PM on Friday Night and then on Saturday at 11:00PM it’s everyone’s favorite, Late Night Dub Fight!  More info can be found at

Next up we have the first Pre-PreRelease of 2018! Join our regular cast of characters (Adam, Graham, Kathleen and Cameron) as they do battle with our very special guests. Melissa DeTora, Chris VanMeter, Evan Erwin and Reuben Bresler! We are super happy to say that because of your overwhelming support for these events over the past 2 years they will continue through 2018.

Looking ahead, wayyyyyyy ahead to next weekend, it’s time for the first PAX of the year. James, Cameron, Graham and Beej are heading down to San Antonio for PAX South. We’ll have our merch table with a brand new shinny Pinny Arcade pin and all of our other fabulous wares. We’re participating in two panels this year. First up on Friday at 4:00PM in the main theater Graham will be joining some very funny folks for The Jackbox Party PAX. Then you’ll witness Graham in a mad sprint to the LoadingReadyRun panel as it happens at 5:00PM the very same day. PAX is always a fantastic weekend and single day badges are still available. Just head over to

And that my friends is the first two weeks of 2018. Not the ideal gentle start to the year one hopes for, but then again it very rarely is. That said, we look forward to sitting down as a group in mid January to discuss what this upcoming year (Our 15th!!!) is going to look like. First step will be getting everything back on track and on schedule to the best of our abilities. We are excited and ready to get this year going, we hope you all stick around with us.


Sure is the end of November
November 28th, 2017

Posted by james

November is a strange month around these parts. The first week feels relatively normal. We shoot some videos, record some podcasts and stream some video games. Then Desert Bus is 1 week out and then there’s nothing. Well I mean there’s Desert Bus, but that is just a blur when you’re in the thick of it. Then all of a sudden it’s less than a month till Christmas and OH GOD WHAT AM I GETTING MY MOM FOR CHRISTMAS?!

But of course that’s not your problem. 

Let’s talk about Desert Bus. I can sum up the experience in one pretty straight forward image.

You did that. Every single one of you made that number a reality. You could take away $600,000 from that total and still we’d have made more than double what we did way back in 2007. It’s pure madness, and we love you all so much for it. Thank you.

Now let’s have a chat about what’s coming up for us over the next couple months.

December 8th @ 11:00AM Pacific at is the Unstable Pre-PreRelease featuring our regular LRR players along side Mark Rosewater, Wedge from TheManaSource and both Meghan and Maria from Magic: The Amateuring. It’s going to be an absolute blast.

January 4th-7th, 2018 Ben, Beej and Ian are heading out east for MAGFest. You can purchase your badges here! And while they’re off living it up in Maryland, the rest of us will be back in Victoria hosting the Rivals of Ixalan PPR. More info on that coming soon. 

And finally January 12th-14th in San Antonio Texas some number of us (like 4, just not sure on who yet) will be down for PAX South. Badges for that are still available and can be purchased here.

Now let’s talk Videos. Between now and the last time I was with you we have released a TON of content. For the first time in many years we managed to keep our YouTube channel up and running during Desert Bus. So instead of sharing ALL the videos, I will share my personal favorites and anything I miss can be found by heading over to our YouTube Channel. While you’re there make sure you’re subscribed.

First up we have the Monthly Mail Time from October.

The episode of Feed Dump that was filmed mere days before Desert Bus.

Loading Time Digest for October.

And finally a Crapshot about Magic. 

That’ll do it for this week. Join me next week for a totally “normal” blog entry. 

Sure is November
November 7th, 2017

Posted by james

Hello one and all! Welcome to this weeks blog update. We’ve got videos, and Desert Bus news and… well that’s about it.

First up let’s talk Desert Bus. It’s coming up fast and everyone here is calmly freaking out on the inside and smiling like things will be peachy keen come next Friday. Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Watch this video and enlighten yourself.

Desert Bus 2017 starts Friday, November 17th at 10:00AM Pacific. Head over to the Desert Bus website to stay informed and be sure to follow us on Twitter as well.

Now let’s get to some videos.

Sidewalk Slam makes it return this week with Adam and Graham chatting about SummerSlam 2017.

This week on Feed Dump, we go deep into local news, a black market fajita ring and fish swallowing.

And let’s finish off with some Crapshots.


Happy Halloween!
October 31st, 2017

Posted by james

Greetings one and all and welcome to the Halloween themed LoadingReadyRun blog post! Now you might be asking yourself, “What makes this Halloween themed other than being posted on October 31st”? And of course the answer is a link to a very old Halloween sketch we did about keeping safe during this most wondrous day of the year.

That was fun wasn’t it? Let’s keep this Halloween theme rolling with this past Saturdays LoadingReadyLIVE!

Now onto the non Halloween videos. Graham is back opening up your packages on this months Mail Time.

This week on Feed Dump, we fail to jump a canal and succeed at not boning our own parents.

And let’s wrap things up with a 3 shot of Crap.

HEY! That last one was Halloween themed! BONUS. 

That’s going to do it for this week. Hope everyone has a great Halloween and we’ll see you again on November 7th… my god. It’s almost November.