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by browncoat
21 Jun 2011, 11:27
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
Replies: 15
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Re: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

So... the only actual scene with characters acting is inane bickering and the actual plot is recounted by a bored, fast-talking narrator. I think this a good example for the upcoming Unskippable feature film:

"How to not make cutscenes. PLEASE! DON'T DO IT!"
by browncoat
15 Mar 2011, 07:00
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Red Dead Redemption
Replies: 8
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Re: Red Dead Redemption

Wow. I'm used to really bad cutscenes by now -- I'm all ready to cringe in pain at the badness -- but that... that wasn't bad. It was just boring . In fact it was so boring it hurt more than even the worst of cutscenes. If it hadn't been for Paul and Graham I'd probably have slit my wrists, just to ...
by browncoat
23 Aug 2010, 12:42
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Spoken Word
Replies: 41
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Re: Spoken Word

I liked the writing but I was really missing the faces :(
by browncoat
23 Aug 2010, 09:28
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Epic Mickey
Replies: 11
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Re: Epic Mickey

That was a really shitty cut-scene, but Graham and Paul made it bearable. Thanks.

Also, WHERE is the "Let's Play" Graham was announcing? It's great knowing the time, but... where do I point my browser?
by browncoat
22 Jun 2010, 05:16
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: E3 2010 Trailers
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Re: E3 2010 Trailers

What the... why did the narrator for "Mindjack" sound like he's advertising a saturday morning cartoon?
by browncoat
31 May 2010, 10:13
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Nier
Replies: 23
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Re: Nier

that opening monologue shouty thing seemed very out of place in the context of the rest of the game, which seemed quite dark and mature, whereas the shouting was comically immature. I'm glad you so thoroughly ripped it another one :P Although it actually looked like quite a good game. I actually th...
by browncoat
04 Dec 2009, 23:06
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Tucson or Bust
Replies: 321
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Wow! That was SO FUCKING EPIC! It almost made up for me missing DBFH. Almost...

I think we need catgirl café screensaver ;)
by browncoat
14 Oct 2009, 22:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Free EEPC
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Re: Free EEPC

You did the right thing, no doubt. I once got a free Wii. I had ordered a DS and received a far too big, far too heavy package. Inside it were the ordered DS and Wii. I sent three emails to the company, who answered with probably pre-written statements, TOTALLY IGNORING that I had some of their prop...
by browncoat
14 Oct 2009, 22:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Castle - (Nathan Fillion Squeeathon)
Replies: 38
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Re: Castle - (Nathan Fillion Squeeathon)

by browncoat
03 Aug 2009, 17:31
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Unskippable: MGS4 (part 1)
Replies: 47
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Re: Unskippable: MGS4 (part 1)

Loved it. Firefly, Fallout. I'm right at home.
Oh wait, that was a Metal Gear game... uh...
by browncoat
27 Jul 2009, 10:38
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Unskippable: Devil May Cry
Replies: 27
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Re: Unskippable: Devil May Cry

Wow. That was a REALLY BAD intro movie. It didn't make ANY sense.
I think they only made it so that Graham and Paul can make it into something funny.
Which they did!
by browncoat
29 Jun 2009, 15:24
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The Pub
Replies: 100
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Re: The Pub

So awesome (Make of that what you want ;)).
Loved it!
Great acting, terrific writing.
I also seem to be unable to concoct long sentences today...
by browncoat
21 May 2009, 11:08
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ringtones
Replies: 19
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Re: Ringtones

Being a huge Final Fantasy nerd I have the FF7 battle theme as my ringtone and a chocobo's KWAH as the message tone.
by browncoat
09 May 2009, 16:14
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Fallout Trilogy Collection
Replies: 16
Views: 802

Re: Fallout Trilogy Collection

If you want to buy the old Fallout games (trilogy? without part 3... ? ; ) ): Available worldwide, no DRM and of course completely legal. Oh, and they are 5.99 USD each. Qui...
by browncoat
07 May 2009, 14:01
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Favorite PS1 RPG?
Replies: 50
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Re: Favorite PS1 RPG?

I think I shall... um... aquire some of the games mentioned here, and play them either on my PSP or the PS2 I will buy soon. But I still have a HUGE backlog of games (most of em RPGs), so... I'm slowly despairing over the sheer number of games I want to play X D (It's been mabye a year since I bough...
by browncoat
07 May 2009, 13:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: If You Were A Superhero
Replies: 36
Views: 1395

Re: If You Were A Superhero

What would be your name? - Doesn't matter, I'm mysterious! What would be your quest? - The war on war... ? Fight the Nazis, maybe... ? What would be your back story? - Secret. Too. Where would your stompping grounds be? - Everywhere where evil shows it's hideos face. Duh! What would be your weapons ...
by browncoat
07 May 2009, 10:04
Forum: Unskippable
Topic: Unskippable: Ace Combat 6
Replies: 29
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Re: Unskippable: Ace Combat 6

Sable wrote:That is possibly the worst opening cutscene I have ever seen. Wow.

QFT. Thanks to Graham and Paul for making it not only bearable (which is a quite a feat in itself) but even funny.
by browncoat
05 May 2009, 03:06
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: commodoreHUSTLE 08 - Investigation
Replies: 321
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Re: commodoreHUSTLE 08 - Investigation

Wow, the funniest cH in quite some time.
And an overall hilarious video, great work!
(And not larious at all!)
by browncoat
24 Apr 2009, 14:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Calling ubuntu users. Need help.
Replies: 6
Views: 436

Re: Calling ubuntu users. Need help.

Enter dmesg|grep input or dmesg|grep -i usb in a console and look if your mouse shows up and post corresponding lines here. I can't think of anything specific, so maybe that will help narrow in on the problem. Edit: Also post the contents of /etc/X11/xorg.conf It would probably be best if you use so...
by browncoat
22 Apr 2009, 07:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Coke Zero
Replies: 46
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Cade Antilles wrote:Yeah, imo Coke Zero tastes better than Diet Coke, but still doesn't match up with Coca-Cola Classic (my preferred poison).

by browncoat
22 Apr 2009, 07:29
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Your consoles.
Replies: 76
Views: 3962

I could've bet I already posted here. Maybe I'm just blind, if so, excuse my double-post. I have: Gameboy (original brick) DS Lite PSP Slim ... that's it ^^ I'll probably be getting a PS2 soon, but hell, I can basically emulate anything up to the SNES generation and the PS1 on my two (modern) handhe...
by browncoat
20 Apr 2009, 06:16
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Final Fantasy XIII
Replies: 9
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If you've only played I-VII, then you in fact stopped 12 years ago. I had played VII when it was new and I rather young, And I began playing I (roman 1 :P) about... dunno... one year ago, I guess, and am now continuing through all FFs in order. Currently I'm on part VI, though I cheated and played ...
by browncoat
19 Apr 2009, 14:22
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Final Fantasy XIII
Replies: 9
Views: 953

Yeah, Squenix didn't like people talking about their upcoming game : ( I'll probably play it, some day. I've played FF I-VII and I don't plan on stopping now ; ) As to healing before every battle (if that is in fact so): Doesn't change anything, I usually drink potions like other people drink water.
by browncoat
19 Apr 2009, 14:15
Forum: Video Games
Topic: When a video game really grabs you
Replies: 20
Views: 743

I remember two games that really grabbed me. #1 Deus Ex. I played through it (the first time) in one 2-day-session only broken by short phases of sleeping and eating. I just HAD to go on playing, it was such fucking great game! #2 Fallout 3. I could only play it on the weekend, and I found that wait...

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