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by Shroin
10 Aug 2007, 22:34
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: a TERRIBLE opportunity
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a TERRIBLE opportunity

Well, myself along with my friends will be attending Anime Evolution (an anime convention) in Vancouver in one week. Today I visited the website for the event and found some interesting news on a new guest and panel.. person. Movie Premier & Guest Dr. Uwe Boll -----------------------------------...
by Shroin
26 Jul 2007, 21:14
Forum: Bonus Video
Topic: Ask Kathleen!
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miakosummin wrote:I have a question. What do you think contributes to the success of Korea, and what can other unnamed comic artists do to further the quality of their own comics, aside from putting any sort of effort

You could try to move up to two updates a month.
by Shroin
06 Jul 2007, 23:30
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: It's Very Simple
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Last 5 seconds made it for me.
by Shroin
24 Jun 2007, 10:35
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Gorgeous
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Yukikaze wrote:Apparently, Paul is gorgeous by fiat.

By fiat?
by Shroin
06 Jun 2007, 15:47
Forum: Bonus Video
Topic: Man Cooking 3
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Morgan wrote:...and it's not like hearing some bad words or seeing some boobies has ever hurt anyone.

Haven't you ever been distracted by boobies before? It can be quite painful.

This one time, I was riding my bike along wharf street, got distracted, and the next thing I know *wham*! Telephone pole'd.
by Shroin
03 May 2007, 22:23
Forum: Bonus Video
Topic: Day in the Liff
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Guys I have a question. What is this new cool thing about spelling words wrong? "a day in the liff," "leon's grate adventule,"... i don't understand. I thought for a moment it may be a reference to Douglas Adams "The Meaning of Liff", which is a great read. LIFF (n.) A...
by Shroin
04 Feb 2007, 15:51
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: D-fer Madness
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Awesome video, Cthulhu references always make me laugh, but that may be because my cat's name is Cthulhu. =D
by Shroin
26 Jan 2007, 19:08
Forum: LRRcast
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Since you had a long discussion on free mmorpgs (or free clients for that matter) would you rather try a game that gives you the client for free or a more hyped game that you have to pay out the butt for? On the same topic, have any of you ever played Eve? If so did you like it, were you a carebear?

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