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by g-money
13 Aug 2009, 00:39
Forum: Bonus Video
Topic: Phailhaüs - 25
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Re: Phailhaüs - 25

Best. Phailhaus. Ever.

(Unsuccessful home what greatest in time everlasted!)
by g-money
03 Aug 2009, 22:41
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: commodoreHUSTLE 11 - Showdown
Replies: 175
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Re: commodoreHUSTLE 11 - Showdown

It should be assumed that people watching cH have never seen anything LRR related outside of CommodoreHustle. Disagree! Actually I believe the opposite is true. cH is like a big in-joke by, for, and about the LRR crüe. Actors playing themselves is a big clue. The series being entirely self-referent...
by g-money
17 Aug 2007, 16:43
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Somebody Has to Change
Replies: 92
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bunch of dorks

Complete. Idiots.

p.s.: where's the tie-dye?

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