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by deadagain
20 Dec 2009, 09:18
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Converstation With Lying in bed mon
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Re: Converstation With Lying in bed mon

whoops i was tired and then i posted a fail thread
by deadagain
07 Dec 2009, 11:48
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Converstation With Lying in bed mon
Replies: 45
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Converstation With Lying in bed mon

He has steam and we had a delightfull conversation, 2 English speaking to eachother.... in england (overused). Acually, the conversation was more me screaming into my mic and laughing. Perpetual has been invited to chat. joshuachats has been invited to chat. -KJ- Marty McFly has been invited to chat...
by deadagain
18 Nov 2009, 09:19
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Ways to X2Y
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Re: Ways to X2Y

Those scenes werent in the video
by deadagain
10 Nov 2009, 09:42
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: commodoreHUSTLE - Future
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Re: commodoreHUSTLE - Future
To those of you to read the forum it says graham stark brought it. I just cant wait untill its running! Lrr is so cool, gives back to its fans and people like me buy shirts.
by deadagain
27 Oct 2009, 10:15
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: House of the Dead
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Re: House of the Dead

That was funny, but if uwe boll had of done it, there would be no house. Jer fitted his roll perfect and i laughed at the bit with the joke
EDIT: long is good. More lrr goodness. Without lengh, no desert bus/
by deadagain
24 Sep 2009, 11:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Has anyone else seen this??!!
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Re: Has anyone else seen this??!!

i saw it a while ago (1st day) and i subscibed. in 2012 LIDL moves into canada, loadingreadrun crew are the most famous and loved people ever. They go into lidl but their is a secret german nazi conspiracy where they poisen lrr, the peak and role models of society.People disend into complete chaos w...
by deadagain
26 Aug 2009, 11:15
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Magicland
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Re: Magicland

lol thats the same show from rapidfire!

with that face he couldnt lie to us.
by deadagain
16 Feb 2009, 03:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: kids having kids
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the boy is scared shitless.. probably make better parents than some... Babys r serious business i just hope well for the babys well being. To be fair, the parents of alfie have a bit to blame one time 12yr old sex sounds a little suss bu things happen Wow just wow. Things like this is extreme. 32 post
by deadagain
07 Feb 2009, 02:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: is it just me or is rapstar 64k broken
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is it just me or is rapstar 64k broken

it only plays the first 13 seconds for me....

on a differnt note:
when do we get the other season dvds aswell?
by deadagain
03 Feb 2009, 12:30
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: commodoreHUSTLE 05 - Street
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Frankly it seems as though you're trying to ape Pure Pwnage. Like... a lot. I appreciate your concern, but we really, really aren't. The Runners is not The Gamer Army, but more importantly our videos are very different. It should be mentioned that Geoff (of PP) thinks The Runners is a great idea. G...
by deadagain
01 Jan 2009, 14:13
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Time is Money
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some clever humour and effects that work in this one. 5 star
29th post
by deadagain
27 Dec 2008, 12:58
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: Funny Story
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my 28th post says : remember those discontinued podcast things loadingreadyrun used to do? That was great.
by deadagain
19 Dec 2008, 10:03
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Team Fortress 2 update
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They also changed stage1 of Gold Rush. The building in the second cap's area on the right (from BLU's perspective) now only has a second floor exit. RED can't access it without soldier/demoman jumping anymore. OR red could get there the same way blu does. I like the updates but theirs one thing i d...
by deadagain
19 Dec 2008, 09:23
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Yahtzee's new show
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i liked the idea dartboard joke by yahtzee but he is the only person i know in that show and , although i would watch this, think that things such as the backround, layout and other issues would hold the show back
saw th s advertised on zp
26th post
by deadagain
17 Dec 2008, 04:14
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Rapidfire II - 06
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great episode

Deffinatly one of my favourite rapifires of this season
"too slow, you really did fail"
alot of good humour in this episode.
25th post
by deadagain
10 Dec 2008, 11:37
Forum: General Discussion
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as a fan of pp i ahve to wonder what this will do to it
Darn. this news hit be like a brick. Dead? :(
he died before his time. R.I.P Troy, god bless
24th dismayed post
by deadagain
07 Dec 2008, 08:19
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star
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db was great

desert bus was great! singing shaving, barrel bussing and more fun
this video was the perfect ending to a great new begginning (for the children)~=23rdPost-;]
by deadagain
22 Nov 2008, 11:24
Forum: Site News
Topic: LRR DVD Combo Pack is back!
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older seasons?

what about the forgotten videos of season one? without the other seasons sold such things like bonous vids and commentry are lost forever
by deadagain
15 Nov 2008, 10:06
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Guitar Hero World Tour
Replies: 38
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cant wait to get this game..
looks better than rockband as the idea was not perfected
But rockband 2 ? ive always liked guitar her but as its cross compatible i might get both. The drum issues are worrying me, other than that it sounds goood. And i have a ps3
21st post
by deadagain
09 Nov 2008, 03:56
Forum: LRRcast
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some questions

while being a regular internet user, Whats the longest time you havnt been online?
Have you ever eaten a crayon?
Favourite car?

20th post
by deadagain
25 Oct 2008, 02:36
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: RapStar 64K
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all those references and humor and everything. this episode waas epic i had to watch it 20 times before first commenting . LRR music cd WOULD be nice
19th post
by deadagain
27 Sep 2008, 13:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: LRR Screening FanPick Videos -- Nominations
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did you see how i managed to put in my post

I,on my 18th post, nominate
The Season 4 Finale
sceletor's dick
and 30 minuates or less
it was hard to decide, as ive watched and like or love all the lrr episodes accept 1 or 2 of the cylosal sea's but these 3 are definatly in my top 100
by deadagain
20 Sep 2008, 12:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: LoadingReadyRun 5 Years LIVE Screening
Replies: 361
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england to canada.. too far !

wish i could come. Have fun those that do
17th post
by deadagain
10 Sep 2008, 08:52
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Rapidfire II - 01
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ANOTHER RAPIDFIRE! YAY comedy so fast i cant think of a thing to say
16th post
by deadagain
07 Sep 2008, 12:30
Forum: Bonus Video
Topic: PhailhaĆ¼s - 15
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meh hehwah<!?

good episode, had me laughing all the way through
"concentrated tomato juice, not from concentrate"
15th post

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