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by iEatNinjaZ
23 Jul 2010, 15:32
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Romantic Comedies
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Re: Romantic Comedies

50 First Dates was pretty damn good.
by iEatNinjaZ
22 Jul 2010, 18:43
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Alien Swarm
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Re: Alien Swarm

Darkobra wrote:Only a medic can remove an infestation

You can remove them from a teammate with any class, just melee them.
You get an achievement for it too!

The Tesla gun also works.
by iEatNinjaZ
14 Jul 2010, 14:42
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Old games that should be remade with todays tech
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Re: Old games that should be remade with todays tech

Pokemon on consoles with Dragon quest 8-ish gameplay.
Need for Speed Underground 1&2
WoW -crank up the graphics
by iEatNinjaZ
14 Jul 2010, 09:27
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Modern Warfare 2
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Re: Modern Warfare 2

The story is a bit stupid but enjoyable.
The online is more of the same.
Spec ops is great.
Achievements are easy to get.

Its not a full price game to me, but its a great rental.
I traded my copy off for a DS Lite :)
by iEatNinjaZ
14 Jul 2010, 09:20
Forum: Video Games
Topic: DSi games suggestions
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Re: DSi games suggestions

The only thing I can recommend is the only thing I have.
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the only reason I bought a DS.
by iEatNinjaZ
29 Jun 2010, 18:55
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Guess Which Hat I Craft, Win A Prize! Again! (SEE WHO WON!)
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Re: Guess Which Hat I Craft, Win A Prize! Again!

Physician's procedure mask
by iEatNinjaZ
23 Jun 2010, 22:51
Forum: Video Games
Topic: JRPG Recomendations
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Re: JRPG Recomendations

Dragon Quest 8
by iEatNinjaZ
04 Jun 2010, 18:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Making a computer. (Calling all computer making Pros)
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Re: Making a computer. (Calling all computer making Pros)

Looks pretty good. I suggest you go back to the 1055T and leave the 965 alone. The 1055T begs to be overclocked, get it to 3.5ghz or if you have the balls go to 4 (which it will do) and it will be great. It outperforms everything in its price range at higher speeds clock for clock. Shame the combo i...
by iEatNinjaZ
03 Jun 2010, 21:29
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Aion Online
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Dear Hakaryu, I've noticed when you post a link, you include the URL tag. This is not needed unless you are embedding the link into something, like a word. If you are just going to post a link, just post the link. Sincerely, Cake lmao Cake I heard Aion was a flop so I don't think I think I'll every...
by iEatNinjaZ
03 Jun 2010, 08:49
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Favourite Video Game Song
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Re: Favourite Video Game Song

Mega Man 3 - Ending Mega Man 3 - Top Man Mega Man 2 - Woodman Stage Pokemon Red & Blue - Battle (VS Trainer) Metroid - Title Music Metroid 2 - Surface Of SR388 Penumbra Overture - Title Music Dragon Quest 8 - Overture Team Fortress 2 - Playing with Danger Half-Life 2 - Combine Theme 3 Killing Fl...
by iEatNinjaZ
20 May 2010, 21:22
Forum: General Discussion
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by iEatNinjaZ
14 May 2010, 02:34
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Portal is free through the 24th!!! GOOOO
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Re: Portal is free through the 24th!!! GOOOO

i have linux and im trying to get it to run...but it runs on my netbook, really well, at least til even GLANCE at a portal :( still with this copy on my account when i get windows on my gaming laptop or steam to run on linux i can has it :D You might want to look into PlayOnLinux . It has helped me...
by iEatNinjaZ
09 May 2010, 21:26
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Forum Game : You're a ____ Fan
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Re: Forum Game : You're a ____ Fan

tak197 you deserve an award!
Let's start over then :P

You're a BrokenCYDE fan.
by iEatNinjaZ
05 Apr 2010, 15:43
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Who You Gonna Call?
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Re: Who You Gonna Call?

I was expecting them to stand together to spell MEW.
This reminded me of the the South Park episode The Coon.
by iEatNinjaZ
29 Mar 2010, 16:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How much bandwidth?
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Re: How much bandwidth?

Unlimited at 1Mbps I download a shitton, I need more speed. At least I don't have a limit. I've downloaded GRID, WoW, GTA, UT3, and just about every source game all in one month before. :) One thing is for certain though, I cannot WAIT until college!
by iEatNinjaZ
19 Mar 2010, 01:57
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Final Fantasy 13 Discussion Thread.
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Re: Final Fantasy 13 Discussion Thread.

Kag wrote:
Cybren wrote:Child protagonists? Nonsensical item collection bullshit? Incomprehensibly slow storytelling?

Yeah, Final Fantasy.

or Pokemon

Speaking of, where the hell is the Heart Gold & Soul Silver threads!
by iEatNinjaZ
18 Mar 2010, 19:01
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Name that Game!
Replies: 5549
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Re: Name that Game!

Homeworld 2?
by iEatNinjaZ
12 Mar 2010, 03:00
Forum: Video Games
Topic: PS3 or XBox 360
Replies: 72
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Re: PS3 or XBox 360

Using the Dualshock has crippled my hands from playing too much DQ8. For that reason I suggest 360 because the controller is more comfortable.
by iEatNinjaZ
05 Mar 2010, 19:32
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Warsow: Am I alone?
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Re: Warsow: Am I alone?

I've played Warsow a few times and its okay.
It's just another Quake ripoff to me.

When it comes to games like that I prefer Nexuiz over Warsow.
or even better, the real thing
by iEatNinjaZ
27 Feb 2010, 23:28
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Utah criminalizes miscarriage
Replies: 104
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Re: Utah criminalizes miscarriage

Guys guys guys. I've solved it. ... Proving my signature right, one post at a time. Oh please, they stopped doing that years ago. There's a more professional method now.
by iEatNinjaZ
27 Feb 2010, 23:23
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Thoughts on EA
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Re: Thoughts on EA

EA is great as long as they have absolutely nothing to do with the game itself.
by iEatNinjaZ
20 Feb 2010, 13:36
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Favorite Match Types
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Re: Favorite Match Types

by iEatNinjaZ
17 Feb 2010, 18:09
Forum: Video Games
Topic: What Are the Decent Film to Video Game Tie-Ins?
Replies: 16
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Re: What Are the Decent Film to Video Game Tie-Ins?

I got Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for my PS2 because it was dirt cheap.

I don't know why but I enjoyed it.
by iEatNinjaZ
17 Feb 2010, 17:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Kevin Smith Air-Chair Controversy!
Replies: 40
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Re: Kevin Smith Air-Chair Controversy!

For that he deserves a plane made of gold!

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