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by professorstaff
06 Apr 2013, 07:58
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - PAX East Magic Craziness
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Re: TTC - PAX East Magic Craziness

Great TapTapConcede this week! A pleasure as always. My wife and I love listening to these on Saturday mornings with a hot cup of coffee.

Question: Graham, you Treefolk deck sounds amazingsauce. Any chance you'll post a decklist (if you haven't already)?
by professorstaff
05 Apr 2013, 15:36
Forum: MtG
Topic: FRIDAY NIGHTS: Grinding
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Hi! I am a major fan of Friday Nights and Loading Ready Run, and I couldn't be more thrilled that you guys are into Season 2 of Friday Nights. I absolutely loved all of Season 1 as well as the premiere "The Return". I did, however, feel that "Grinding" was somewhat off tonally, a...
by professorstaff
26 Mar 2013, 09:32
Forum: MtG
Topic: FRIDAY NIGHTS: Return
Replies: 51
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I assume we shall soon be able to buy that spicy red "Phases" shirt that James was wearing in this episode. So spicy. Also, I hereby declare that a t-shirt reading "Why can't I hold all these answers?" in some way should also be made. Everyone at my LGS thinks that line won the e...

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