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by Crunchy English
06 Nov 2016, 20:34
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: Crossing the Streams
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Re: Crossing the Streams

Hi! So, real quick, I've been a member of this forum forever, rarely hang out. Don't have a twitter. Don't use social media much, and despite being a subscriber and patreon, rarely interact directly with the LRR folks or awesome fans. But Holy Moly - I just watched the latest Autumnal Rumble Stream ...
by Crunchy English
28 Aug 2014, 11:28
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: The Ghost of Sexual Relations Past
Replies: 19
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Re: The Ghost of Sexual Relations Past

Came only to point out that the "Passive Voice" joke almost knocked me down a flight of stairs. I laughed too hard at the very apex and only a sturdy handrail saved my life. Murder by comedy, it was very nearly the perfect crime.
by Crunchy English
01 Jun 2014, 11:57
Forum: Magic: The Gathering
Topic: Loading Ready Fan Draft.
Replies: 1011
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Re: Loading Ready Fan Draft. Since everyone else from my Pod was kind enough to give people a peek, I thought I'd do the same. Basically I was monoblack constellation in Pack 1. I opened an Extinguish all hope and was continually passed Grim Guardians (the final deck had 3 I believe) so I figured...
by Crunchy English
13 Aug 2013, 11:22
Forum: MtG
Topic: DraftCast 1 - Take Your Stuff
Replies: 20
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Re: DraftCast 1 - Take Your Stuff

I heartily endorse this experiment. On the one hand it pales in comparison to G-Drafts, Or Streams, or Friday Nights, or Academy videos. On the other, it lets me enjoy another kind of magic video and there are never too many of those. Also, if they are LRR-Fans' videos, then it becomes an awesome co...
by Crunchy English
07 Apr 2013, 10:25
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - PAX East Magic Craziness
Replies: 45
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Re: TTC - PAX East Magic Craziness

Ok so I was SURE I had an account on this forum already, but apparently not. Anyway, big fan, love the magic stuff, love strip search, love Hustle, love you guys because you're awesome etc. etc. Also, I have risen to this challenge:

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